Witherspoon v Bieber: What celebrities can teach NZ about social media marketing strategy

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Reese Witherspoon’s engaging posts resoundingly beat Justin Bieber’s large following when it comes to impact on Kiwis on social media, according to new research from Kantar TNS New Zealand.

The insights agency analysed the social media activity of six celebrities while they were on tour in New Zealand recently and found that Witherspoon had the biggest impact on Brand New Zealand, despite the likes of Bieber having more than 10 times the number of followers.

An ever-growing range of digital channels are providing businesses with countless ways to interact with customers, however according to recent research only one in four (24%) marketers in New Zealand feels in control of the consumer touchpoints available to them.

“Despite having access to some of the most advanced digital media ecosystems, New Zealand marketers have the lowest confidence from across Asia Pacific when it comes to using it,” says Kantar TNS NZ director Stephanie McLaughlin.

New Zealand. Businesses are struggling to identify the strategies that deliver impact, she said. Sixteen percent questioned hedge their bets by spreading their budget across as many touchpoints as possible and 30% focus on just the ones they know.

“The key to Witherspoon’s success was making multiple posts across several social media channels and using a variety of engaging content that resonated with her audience,” McLaughlin says.

Queenstown & vineyards in the frame
“Her posts were fun and personable, included specific content such as photos of Queenstown’s picturesque landscape, named local brands and businesses such as Central Otago vineyard Wooing Tree, and noted how friendly the locals were.

“As a result her posts strongly resonated with her audience, giving Witherspoon the highest

positive sentiment out of all six celebrities.” The other five were Witherspoon’s A Wrinkle in Time co-stars Oprah Winfrey & Mindy Kaling plus three music stars that came to New Zealand in March, Bieber, Adele and Bruce Springsteen.

“By analysing the social media of someone like Reese Witherspoon we are able to draw learnings that are applicable for New Zealand businesses and their social media strategy,” McLaughlin said. “You do not need to have the biggest following or be the most active in your posting to be effective – many other factors such as engagement, sentiment and channel strategy also play an important role.

“The authentic and engaging way in which Reese conducted her social media activity really made her stand apart from the rest.”

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