Doublefish creates long-term research-based Women’s Refuge campaign

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Wellington indie creative agency Doublefish, with film company Teacup, has framed a far-reaching campaign for Women’s Refuge – one the agency purposefully designed to be used for years to come.

The campaign, which is based on research conducted last year, is now live online – and its first port of call is to help launch the Refuge’s annual appeal, currently underway (scroll down for the link).

“Social media has been a very cost effective way to expose their messages,” says agency account director Tara Merriman (who collaborated with Women’s Refuge to locate the talent).

“most of us worked for very little because we believe in the cause.

“Women’s Refuge will use this at events for years to come, and the cut downs will be pushed out via social media with the hope they get the much-needed donations.”

Domestic violence is one of New Zealand’s most serious social issues with one in three women experiencing some form of abuse in their relationship. Women in violent relationships often have trouble holding down jobs or accessing enough money to feed their children, or provide them with other necessities. These difficulties often compound when she leaves the relationship.

“Women’s Refuge will use this at events for years to come, and the cut downs will be pushed out via social media.”

“Just under half of Women’s Refuge clients are kids, and they’re working with and for both the women and children every day around the clock providing counselling programmes and one-on-one support where they can,” Merriman said.

“Unfortunately, they’re not funded for a lot of this work, even though it’s absolutely critical for breaking the cycle and helping the smallest members of our society heal and grow. They need donations so they can help women and children live lives free from violence.”

Women’s Refuge provides shelter for women and children in dire need of help at a very vulnerable time. Shelter, food, emotional/legal support and counselling is provided to women and children around the country every day.

They are a needs-based service, so they provide support for anything that a women and her children might need to lead a safe and violence-free life.

“Last year Women’s Refuge undertook some research to discover what messaging they needed to provide in order to be considered as one of the charities people would donate to,” Marriman told M+AD.

“This research told us that we needed to address three main questions present in people’s minds regarding Refuge: Why is Refuge needed? What does Refuge do? How will my donation help?

“Our job with this video was to bridge the information gap.”


Client: Women’s Refuge NZ
Creative Agency: Doublefish
Production Company: Teacup Productions
Director: Amanda Robertshawe
Post: Sauce
Sound & Music: Underground Sound

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