Work puts macro lens to work for Kia Sorento (updated)

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Work Communications and Kia Motors have released the first of a series of new 30-second TVCs for the new Sorento SUV.

“The story of the Sorento was pretty unique”, says Work director Gaylene Anderson. “Once it had been through years of R&D, they sent it to a whole new team of designers who retested it, driving it over a million kilometres to refine it.”

The spot talks about the human- centric nature of all that retesting, bringing all the features in line with how we drive.

“It was important to get across the incredible amount of work that’s gone into the design of the all-new 2015 Sorento,” said Kia NZ marketing manager Dan Stowers. “ There’s a real sense of achievement handing this vehicle over to a new owner to take it on a whole new journey of its own.

“I think the new TVC series gets that across”.

Work Communications creative director Marco Ermerins said the two-day shoot incorporated some special techniques. “The car is so well designed and crafted, and to be able to convey the amazing attention to detail we got right in and shot it macro, showing us some details that you may overlook or not notice normally.”


Kia NZ: Marketing Manager Dan Stowers
Work Communications: CD Marco Ermerins
Film Production Company: Blacksand

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