Garrett, Moser, Hegarty, Droga fight for space

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Over 40 global industry leaders and colleagues had to scrabble for a place in the video shot and edited by Colenso and Toybox to celebrate Nick Worthington’s Lifetime Achievement Award at last week’s Axis Awards in Auckland.

“Unfortunately, the entire edit of over 35 minutes would not really fly at the event, so it’s heavily edited,” said Toybox executive producer Sam McCauley (scroll down for the link).

“However, for all those people who took time to share their messages to Nick he does have a copy of the full edit.

“A huge thank you goes to Jen Story and Kate Maitland who wrangled getting the local and overseas contributors so this was a video that showed the full breadth of Nick’s career.”

Those taking part included Nick Garrett, Jim Moser, John Hegarty, Dave Droga, Tim Lyndsay, David Lubars, and Paul Brazier.

  • View the video below

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