The fine art of promoting fine art

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AUCKLAND, Today: “At Phantom Billstickers, we’ve always been obsessed with art,” says Robin McDonnell, ceo of the renowned poster company, in the latest edition of their weekly newsletter, Phan Mail.

“From Flying Nun posters to exhibitions in city art galleries, we’ve proudly pasted their images in our frames. It’s all in an excellent cause: supporting Kiwi creativity.

“Now there’s a new kid on the block – the NFT. Or ‘Non Fungible Token’ if you want to give the phenomenon its full name.

“There artworks have emerged at the bleeding edge of blockchain technology and creativity. The idea is that you can own something original and irreplaceable – a piece of digitally enabled art.

“NFTs are big. And that’s why they belong on street posters. 

“NFTs are big. And that’s why they belong on street posters. ”

“You don’t have to appeal to everybody. Just the people who care.

“We reckon posters for NFTs are a bit like posters for underground bands and dance parties. The message isn’t intended for everyone but you still want it to appear in public.

“Not everyone will be in the market for an NFT. That’s OK. But for those in the know, it’s cool if these images pop up in their day. Let them know something’s happening.

“Only street posters can offer this combination of creativity, street cred and nationwide reach.

“It’s the art of making a difference.”

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