Yahoo BrightRoll DSP debuts in NZ

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The BrightRoll DSP, a leading cross-channel programmatic advertising technology provider acquired globally by Yahoo, has launched in New Zealand.

The company says there were 15 local advertisers leveraging the platform for audience targeting and performance in Q4 (but, citing privacy concerns, declined a M+AD request to name them).

The BrightRoll DSP adds to Yahoo Platforms’ ad tech stack alongside Gemini, Flurry Analytics, BrightRoll DSP+ and BrightRoll Ad Exchange.

The BrightRoll DSP has already seen success in New Zealand (says the company), with local agencies seeing “significant uplifts in response rates after adopting the platform”.

“The platform has been recognised by marketers for its uniquely rich data, leveraging Yahoo Platforms’ unparalleled consumer insights,” says Yahoo’s NZ-based head of sales Arnaud Calonne.

“With media agencies competing to provide their clients with the most effectively targeted advertisement placements, many have noted a gap in accessing quality third party data,” he says.

“The BrightRoll DSP has filled this market gap by providing actionable insights into Yahoo Platforms’ rich data, allowing marketers to serve the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

“Media agencies, including ZenithOptimedia NZ, have been leveraging the platform for client campaigns with great success.”

ZenithOpti NZ-based digital activation manager Lukasz Lazuk said: “The BrightRoll DSP has provided us with a unique opportunity to access Yahoo Platforms’ data, that we traditionally could not access through an open data marketplace. Now, by combining segments based on first party data, Yahoo Search, Yahoo email and lookalikes, we can create narrow targeting with an impressive scale.”

The BrightRoll DSP is programmatic software that automates the buying and targeting of programmatic video, display and native advertising, and in New Zealand has grown to deliver significantly better advertising solutions, Arnaud Calonne said. “As part of its relationship with Yahoo Platforms, the BrightRoll DSP has exclusive access to global and local Yahoo data spanning Mail, Search, Website Visits and Flurry In-App Engagement.

“In addition to leveraging Yahoo data, the BrightRoll DSP offers access to 3rd party data marketplaces and recently completed a local integration with Nielsen Digital Audience Rating and MOAT to offer in-platform optimisation for in-demographic audience reach and viewability.

“It’s fantastic to see the BrightRoll DSP performing successfully in the New Zealand market so quickly after launching. For some time now we’ve had marketers and agencies asking for access to our data, which we can now provide. The BrightRoll DSP offers our clients unlimited, self-service access to Yahoo data, across any ad exchange with integrated measurement from market leaders like Nielsen and MOAT.

“With the BrightRoll DSP, we can target specific audiences, with relevant messages, on a large scale across all major exchanges and publishers in web, mobile, connected TV, video and native. The data, speed and audience targeting we can provide to marketers is second to none. As the only DSP in market offering exchange-agnostic first party data, the BrightRoll DSP is the perfect fit for Yahoo Platforms.”

Calonne says the benefits of the BrightRoll DSP include:

  • Unlimited access to Yahoo Platforms and Yahoo Global unrivalled audience data
  • Optimised reach to audiences across all major exchanges and publishers
  • Self-Service or Managed Service commercial models
  • Unique audience insights indexed against Yahoo & 3rd party data partners
  • Campaign feedback in real time to analyse and optimise ad performance
  • Media and partner agnostic, leveraging a range of audience data
  • Flexible and fully transparent trading terms
  • Intuitive to use, saving time and training investments

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Yahoo Platforms’ mission is to make the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. By creating highly personalised experiences for our users, we keep people connected to what matters most to them, anywhere, anytime and across any device. Yahoo Platforms boasts an industry leading offering in native and programmatic advertising. With  focus on data, content and technology our work is driven by two key properties, programmatic resource, the BrightRoll DSP, with BrightRoll DSP+ and BrightRoll Ad Exchange, and global native marketplace, Gemini.

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