Yahoo exposes NZ digital habits

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Yahoo Platforms NZ has released new audience data for New Zealand brands about the digital daily habits of their audiences, as well as broader information about their lives across automotive, food and health, finance, entertainment, travel and purchase behaviour.

The latest Insight Series Report, Know Your Audience, was developed to provide Yahoo Platforms clients with some of the richest data yet into specific, niche audiences, from cat owners to new home buyers.

Brands looking to step into cross category marketing can now use Yahoo Platforms’ Know Your Audience insights to identify unique product audience pairings and untap marketing opportunities.

Yahoo’s research has uncovered some quirky traits about the Kiwi population, including:

  • Those who have visited a juice bar are more likely to buy desserts regularly
  • ‘Trendsetters’ are most likely to love cooking
  • Those who have recently married are the most likely to consume alcohol
  • Cat owners are most likely to buy frozen meals regularly
  • Divorcees are more likely to have a home phone than any other marital status

Arnaud Calonne, the Auckland-based head of sales at Yahoo Platforms said: “Big data is fast becoming an integral asset in every marketing strategy, as we seek a more intimate understanding of specific target audiences and their digital daily habits.

“Know Your Audience drills down into the specific personal habits of demographic niches. With this information marketers have a unique look into the lives of New Zealanders allowing them to reach them on mass in a personalised way.”

The research consisted of an online survey of more than 1000 respondents across New Zealand. It is currently being provided to key clients across the country.

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