Yahoo launches new Native Ads offering

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Yahoo New Zealand has unveiled its Native Ad in-feed advertising platform, following a successful beta phase, with more than 70 New Zealand brands already on board.

Aiming to provide engaging advertising content in the context of the user’s experience, Yahoo’s Native Ads integrates an advertisers’ brand within editorial content to target audiences at scale – delivering less intrusive yet far deeper user engagement.

The Yahoo NZ personalisation algorithm continually optimises real-time ad delivery based on users’ daily habits and engagement, ensuring Native Ads are served up to the relevant audience across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Yahoo says this vastly increases ad receptivity and response – up to 400% higher than traditional display – and a dynamic cost-per-click model delivers simple and quick ROI ensuring advertisers pay for results, not impressions.

“We are excited to officially launch Native Ads, providing a simple yet highly effective way for brands to promote their message,” said Yahoo NZ general manager sales Louis Niven.

“We have been receiving great feedback from our advertisers who are excited about the ability to blend experiences with content for more effective outcomes than those delivered on more traditional platforms.

“For example, one household FMCG advertiser found Yahoo Native Ads 307% more efficient in amplifying content across their audience when compared to display advertising.”

While Native Ads prove effective when used alone, Niven says the best results are achieved when combining them with Yahoo’s other advertising offerings. “The results speak for themselves. One leading automotive advertiser saw a 383% uplift in engagement rates when combining Native Ads with editorial content on their brand campaign – that’s a compelling outcome.

“And, although a release date is not yet set, Native Video Ads will be launched imminently. In response to market demand these ads are not constrained by a time limit, giving advertisers the option to deliver longer form content and presenting a fantastic opportunity to diversify their ad portfolio.”

Since the beta launch, Yahoo Native Ads has added more audience targeting features, allowing advertisers to target by behaviour and demographics and more creative formats including Mobile App, Install Ads and Native StreamAds. Advertisers can access Yahoo Native Ads and Native StreamAds via a self-service platform, or a managed service leveraging the campaign optimisation team based in Auckland.

iProspect NZ general manager Alex Radford said: “We have been using Yahoo Native StreamAds since late last year and utilised the product for a number of clients – including Accor Hotels and Holden – to not only drive qualified traffic, but also increase engagement and drive brand consideration.

“From a performance perspective, Yahoo Native StreamAds have provided consistent results, delivering up to a 90% increase on average click through rates (compared to Yahoo’s standard display) and highly cost efficient e-cost per clicks.

“Yahoo Native StreamAds will continue to play a role in iProspect campaigns, with the new formats and targeting capabilities looking to increase the already great results.”

PHDIQ head of digital planning Christophe Spencer said: “Yahoo Native StreamAds has quickly become an integral part of its performance media mix as PHDIQ diversify beyond traditional display, paid search and social.

“Yahoo’s Native StreamAd capabilities around audience targeting, algorithmic optimisation and bid-based performance modelling has driven success for clients in the banking, retail and travel categories across their acquisition and content marketing strategies. We look forward to trialling some of the exciting new features the platform has to offer this year.”

Yahoo New Zealand’s Native Ad offering launches with over 70 New Zealand brands already in market. Native Ads run across the Yahoo NZ network including Mail, Finance, Search and Homepage.

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