Yanks dominate global brands index

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LONDON/NEW YORK: Media giant Google has been named as the world’s top brand for the second year running in a new index that is dominated by US brands.

No fewer than eight US brands feature in the 2015 top 10 rankings compiled by brand consultancy FutureBrand with the only exceptions being Samsung (#7), the South Korean electronics firm, and SAB Miller (#10), the London-listed global brewer.

Rounding out the top 10 are Apple (#2), Microsoft (#3), Walt Disney (#4), AbbVie, the Chicago-based pharmaceutical group (#5), Gilead Sciences, a biotechnology firm (#6), MasterCard (#8) and Celgane Corp, another biotechnology company (#9).

The FutureBrand 2015 Index is based on the PwC Global Top 100 Companies report, which ranks companies according to their value, and also involves a survey of 3000 people across 17 markets about 18 attributes attributed to each company. These include authenticity, consistency, innovation, purpose and trust.

While US brands are rewarded at the top of the rankings, seven of them feature among the bottom 10, including Union Pacific Corp (#93), JP Morgan Chase (#95), Philip Morris International (#96) and Bank of America (#97).

Only eight British brands feature in the entire rankings and the lowest ranked brand of them all is British American Tobacco (#100).

Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant (#25), fell 16 places since last year’s index while pharmaceutical group GSK (#41) dropped 15 places.

Other major UK brands also slipped – telecoms giant Vodafone (#76) fell 28 places, banking group HSBC (#82) was down 14 places while energy company BP (#86) dropped 12.

However, it was better news for pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca (#66), which entered the list for the first time.

Data sourced from FutureBrand UK, Marketing Magazine UK; and Warc. To view the entire chart, ckick here: www.futurebrand.com/fbi2015/top-100.html 

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