Yanks purloin Clemenger’s creative

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Clemenger BBDO Wellington’s award-winning NZTA Mistakes TVC has caught the attention of creatives all over the world since it started winning at big awards show (like the Gold it won at The One Show in May last year). It also seems to have caught the eye of Georgia, USA agency TranterGrey, which has shamelessly “borrowed” the Clemenger idea for use in its own market.

The American version was produced on or about August 11 last year (the date it was posted to Youtube); Clemenger’s ad was shot in 2013, and posted to Youtube on January 5 – so there’s no question about who came first.

The American ad was produced by TranterGrey Media in Evans, Georgia, with WJBF News Channel 6 and One Hour Optical paying for the production.

You be the judge:

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