Ybrand shoots GridAKL campaign 

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Auckland-based brand consultancy YBrand has unveiled a partnership with GridAKL – part of the innovation precinct in the Wynyard Quarter – to launch a campaign celebrating New Zealand innovators, entrepreneurs and people who build things “From Scratch”. 

From Scratch is designed to inspire New Zealanders to become entrepreneurial by showcasing the core motivation and drive of people who start their own business,” says Judit Maireder, founder and director of Ybrand.

YBrand devised, scripted, and produced the series of videos and story snapshots of some of GridAKL’s inspiring community members, in which they share their perspective about the ups and downs of building a business From Scratch in New Zealand. They will run mainly on social media.

“We want to showcase positive examples from within the startup community in an authentic and transparent way.”

“In times where technology and connectedness offer unprecedented opportunities for individuals to start a business, we want to inspire fellow Aucklanders to bring their ideas and visions to life.

“By sharing the real stories of GridAKL residents, we want to showcase positive examples from within the startup community in an authentic and transparent way,” she said. “That means, not only talking about the successes, but also the path to get there, the human side behind a startup.”

From Scratch showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of members in our community with the aim of inspiring others to follow suit and join them.”

Ateed says that over the last 10 years, the technology sector has witnessed 25% growth. ICT and Digital Media accounts for 3.2% employment in Auckland or 1 in 30 jobs. Half (48%) of New Zealand’s ICT companies are based in Auckland, employing 37,000 people.

Y brand works with a broad range of businesses to build brands for the digital era, by focusing on their core purpose and sharing authentic stories.


Strategy, Creative Direction: Judit Maireder
Video Production: Judit Maireder, Seung Woo Hong
Photography: Jamie Bowering
Design and Copy: Judit Maireder

About GridAKL
GridAKL, founded by Ateed, is an innovation campus encompassing three buildings in the heart of the innovation precinct in Auckland. GridAKL is designed to maximise innovation by harnessing the power of collaboration. GridAKL assists high-impact, growth-orientated, technology-focused businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and commercialise their innovations.

About YBrand
We work collaboratively with business leaders to shape their brands’ unique and inspiring purpose; their Y.  The start for every successful brand in the digital era.

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