Young Love illuminates BP story

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Following the heartstring-tugging tale of Peter & the Rabbit in the 2015 BP brand campaign, Ogilvy has created the next iteration of My BP Story, which continues to put everyday people at the centre of the creative approach.

This time Tom, a young lad struggling to get noticed by the object of his affection, Ginny, takes to the skies with the help of his inventive grandfather in a bid to impress her.

“This is a captivating tale of Kiwi ingenuity and the offerings of a typical BP, is a natural continuation of the strategy grounded in sharing people’s stories – the ones that happen out there on our Kiwi roads, with BP at the centre, the stage for these tales to take place,” said BP national marketing manager Leigh Taylor.

“The My BP Story is a platform that allows us to creatively showcase the role BP plays in the journeys of New Zealanders, from the everyday to the epic adventures,” she said.

Ogilvy senior writer Richard Loseby said: “It’s not often an agency gets to create such a large-scale cinematic commercial, then collaborate with some extremely talented filmmakers and actors in order to make it happen, but we’ve been lucky enough to do that twice now, in as many years.”

The TVC launched Sunday 13 March across New Zealand TV channels.


Campaign: Ginny Tomkins
Client: BP
Product: Brand
National Marketing Manager: Leigh Taylor
Senior Marketing Specialist: Simon Grigor
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Regan Grafton
Senior Writer: Richard Loseby
Senior Art Director: Martin Hermans
Group Account Director: Maggie Antone
Account Director: Eduardo Hernandez
Account Manager: Chris Braks
Planning Director: Debby Giness
Head of TVP: Amanda Kabel
Senior Producer: Rachel Stewart
Film Production Company: Exposure
Director: Christine Jeffs
Producer: Jess Milne
DOP: John Toon
Editor: Sam Brunett
BP VFX Supervisor: Martin Spencer
Colour Grader: Blockhead
VFX Creature Post: Martin Spencer
Animal Wrangler: Animals on Q/Rosie Miles
Music Composition: Liquid Studios/Peter Van Der Fluit

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