YoungShand/Film Construction’s global hit

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PARIS, Today: “I’m in Chicago, next to my dog with smokes, and this just punched my soul like an 18-year-old Mike Tyson,” writes a fan of the Adforum website, which has just named YoungShand NZ’s latest work for Quitline, Follow You Till I Die, as No 2 in its global Top 5 ads this week.

The YoungShand ad points out that when you smoke around your pets, they’re twice as likely to get cancer.

Four more comments from the Adforum site: “I don’t have pets and I don’t smoke. But this is a damn good ad, making me cry like waterfall.” And “I was just sitting here watching YouTube and now I’m crying my eyes out. Thanks for that!”

And “New Zealand ads always leave me shook.” And “Jesus Christ. I’m not a smoker. But, Jesus Christ!”

The film was directed by Perry Bradley of Film Construction, with music composed by Peter van der Fluit of Liquid Studios.

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