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AUCKLAND, Yesterday: Indie creative shop YoungShand has helped Lion provide “a refreshed interactive digital solution”, through the relaunch of Lion’s online alcohol education platform, Alcohol&Me, in July.

The platform’s programme manager Jude Walter said: “This comes as over 47% of Kiwis look to make changes to their drinking habits as a result of stricter drinking laws and growing interest in overall health and wellness.

“Over 40,000 have visited Alcohol&Me since the relaunch – a 945% increase from the same period last year. 

“While the practical, evidence-based information and tips provided by Alcohol&Me remained steadfast, the site itself was falling behind the times and missing opportunities for engagement – exacerbated by the fact that the original site wasn’t built for mobile, and an overwhelming number of participants were accessing the site from their smartphones.

“The Alcohol&Me brand has grown organically from very humble roots, but seven years on, there was a big disconnect between the user experience in our face-to-face workshops and the online version of the programme. We knew from participant research that the content was good, but it was no longer engaging enough to hold people’s attention online.”

“Right from the start, the YoungShand team just got it.”

“To bring Alcohol&Me up to speed, new illustrations and animations were brought to life through a flexible front-end framework, creating a mobile-friendly, immersive experience that is engaging to users.”

One of the standout features on the site is the highly interactive standard drink pour, designed to give users a more real-world experience so they can learn how to pour a standard drink by sight. In addition, the update to the interactive blood alcohol simulator shows users exactly how male and female bodies process alcohol throughout a night, depending on the number of drinks consumed.

The site also boasts improved analytics tracking and full CMS functionality.

Visitors showed strong engagement as soon as the website was relaunched – with over 12,000 goal completions, a 2% bounce rate and average time on site of over seven minutes in the first month.

Walter said: “We knew the upgrade would reap benefits, but the response from users to date has far surpassed our expectations.

“Right from the start, the YoungShand team just got it – they listened to what we wanted to achieve and then set about finding new and exciting ways to deliver this.

“The result is a site that we are all very proud of and one that will continue to help kiwis to stay safe and sociable when they drink for years to come.”


Client: Lion
Alcohol&Me Programme Manager: Jude Walter

: YoungShand
Executive Producer: Kat Cox
Creative Director: Scott Maddox
Creative Director: Anne Boothroyd
Account Director: Tymon Rackley
Lead Designer: Ryan Overeem
Designer: Marty Goldschmitz
Developer: Jeremy Prowse
Developer: Chris Alwin
Developer: Brady Edgar
Production Assistant: Michelle Sokol

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