NZ Blood Service highlights the unseen effect of donors with new campaign via YoungShand

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Ponsonby indie YoungShand has created a new campaign for the NZ Blood Service. Building on last year’s Effie gold-winning Unseen Emergencies platform, this year’s campaign focuses on the “unseen goodness” that happens after people donate blood or plasma.

Featuring all the same scenarios of last year’s campaign, but from the donor’s angle, the campaign shows the moment their blood or plasma is being used to save a life – when they’re entirely unaware of it.

NZ Blood Service marketing & comms manager Asuka Burge said: “After last year’s success we wanted to evolve the Unseen Emergencies platform to not just point out the unseen emergencies that happen every day, but to celebrate our donors, everyday people whose donations help to save lives in these unseen moments.

“We love the connection between donor and recipient – they may never meet, but it’s an incredibly personal and powerful relationship. We’re thrilled with the humanity and simplicity of the work.” 

“It was fun to bring that truth to life, with the sensitive, classy storytelling of the Sweetshop’s awesome Zoe McIntosh.”

YoungShand ECD Corey Chalmers said: “When you donate blood, you’ll receive an app notification saying your blood has been used to save a life. This drove the insight behind the campaign – you’re saving a life probably at a time you’re not even noticing it.

“It was fun to bring that truth to life, with the sensitive, classy storytelling of the Sweetshop’s awesome Zoe McIntosh.”

YoungShand GM Emma Dalton said: “Off the back of a great night at the Effies with the NZ Blood Service team, it’s exciting to launch the follow-up to Unseen Emergencies which worked hard to shake Kiwis from their apathy.

“Donating blood or plasma really is the easiest way to save a life, so easy, you can be saving a life whilst you’re grocery shopping. These emergencies happen every day so we need to make sure we are donating regularly.”

The campaign launched Sunday 30 October on national TV, social, radio and outdoor.


Client: NZ Blood Service: Asuka Burge, Liesa Hurn
Agency: YoungShand
Film Partner: Sweetshop
Director: Zoe McIntosh
Producer: Annelise Yarrell
Sound Editor: Craig Matuschka, Liquid Studios
Photography: Simeon Patience, Collective Force

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