Haunted M&M’s? Your favourite candy, now with ghosts in it

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On Friday 13th, M&M’s NZ began pre-haunting boxes of M&M’S in preparation for the Halloween season. Here’s the blurb from Colenso … 

The haunting procedure will use time-proven techniques to cram as many ghosts into the candy as possible, and the entire thing will be aired as “the world’s longest ever live broadcast event”

The haunting will take place “in NZ’s #1 haunted location over 13 days”, and the boxes will be available for purchase at www.hauntedmms.co.nz in  three levels of Hauntedness (Lightly Haunted, Mediumly Spooky and Extra Super Creepy), depending on where they are placed in the mansion.

Paranormal consultant, and general ghost pest, Mark Wallbank is overseeing proceedings to ensure the candy leaves the house with as many ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists in it as possible.

For more information on Haunted M&M’s, or the ghosts that reside in our spooky manor, please contact our paranormal aficionados at natalie.downes@colensobbdo.co.nz.


Agency: Colenso BBDO
PR Coordinator: Amanda Macfarlane

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