Y&R and Arnott’s enlist Steve Hansen and Zoë Bell to save the world – and the biscuits

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Y&R NZ has released new details (and an in-depth credits list) on its widely publicised new Arnott’s campaign, an unlikely pairing of two renowned Kiwis – Zoë Bell and Steve Hansen – in an apocalypse themed, integrated campaign.

Y&R NZ, in partnership with Arnott’s, developed the idea from the insight, ‘Kiwis take biscuits for granted’.

“The client came to us interested in seeing how we could leverage one of New Zealand’s most established sporting personalities,” said Y&R Instead of presenting something ‘black’, we decided to create something a little more unexpected and utilise a less predictable name. Because if there was an apocalypse caused by a lack of biscuits, wouldn’t it logically be Steve Hansen who saves the day?” says Y&R NZ ceo/cco Josh Moore.

The campaign launched with two 60-second trailers, produced by Curious, that offered two theories as to how the apocalypse may have started, with Steve Hansen cautioning New Zealanders to “never, ever lose their biscuit”.

Turns out Arnott’s biscuits, including Tim Tam, Cruskits, Farmbake, and Shapes, are the one thing holding the fabric of society together. Who knew?

“We had this thought that biscuits are a small but important part of our life in New Zealand, and that they might be more conspicuous by their absence than their presence,” said Arnott’s Sydney-based ANZ marketing director Nik Scotcher.

“We wanted to do something uniquely Kiwi, something irreverent and fun. It was every bit of that.”

“Turns out Arnott’s biscuits, including Tim Tam, Cruskits, Farmbake, and Shapes, are the one thing holding the fabric of society together. Who knew?”

Following the trailers, everyday New Zealanders were invited to audition to star in the culmination of the campaign – a six-minute short film, Apocalypse Steve Hansen – Don’t lose your biscuit. After receiving hundreds of auditions, nine punters were cast in various unorthodox roles.

The short film, which premiers today, is Hansen’s acting debut, as well as Kiwi stuntwoman, actor and producer Zoë Bell’s first foray into directing. Hansen and Bell are helped along the way by Julian Savea, Ma’a Nonu, Victor Vito and Israel Dagg.

Bell returned to New Zealand from the US to shoot the film, where she has worked as a stuntwoman and actress in films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Death Proof and The Hateful Eight.

For Bell, directing the head coach of our national rugby team was a challenging experience.

“Steve was fantastic to work with, and took direction like a pro. Working with someone who’s a professional coach was always going to be an interesting challenge, but Steve was keen to learn and make the most of the part,” she said.

“I think Kiwis will be blown away seeing him in this way!”

Apocalypse Steve Hansen – Don’t Lose Your Biscuit is obviously a departure from what the coach is most renowned for, however he relished the challenge.

“I thought it would be fun and totally different, outside my comfort zone. It was an opportunity to be coached by someone else and learn coaching techniques to take into my own arena,” he said.

“It was a total role reversal. I was being coached on how to speak, act, and play a role. I found it invigorating and energising because it was a totally different environment.”


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