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HRV is no longer just a ventilation company and its fresh new advertising campaign uses a charming approach to illustrate the company’s evolution, says Y&R ceo/chief creative officer Josh Moore.

“HRV has been a client of the agency’s for many years and it was an exciting prospect to create a new and engaging platform that tells the company’s total home solution story,” Moore said.

“At the same time, we also wanted to emphasise the importance of having a warm, dry and healthy home.”

HRV general manager marketing Justin Boyes said: “While HRV is the market leader in home ventilation, its new 60 second brand spot is about highlighting its move to a total home solutions company.”

The new campaign uses a mix of people and animated characters to showcase HRV’s growing product range, and is a departure from the testimonial style advertising that has been successful for the company in recent years.

The ad, which goes to air this Sunday (February 28), is set in a typical New Zealand home around dinner time. In each room the audience catches a glimpse of a Kiwi family going about their business, however the main storytellers are the animated kids’ toys who also live inside the house.

“We chose this type of approach because its kids and families who benefit the most from HRV’s total home solution,” said Moore. “The characters have universal appeal and are a great way to explain each core product and the benefit each brings to a home and the people who live in them.

“It’s a charming narrative that tells a complex story in a very emotionally engaging and memorable way”

Along with the hero 60”, four 15” spots have also been produced which highlight the benefits of each product within HRV’s total home solution range (ventilation, heating and cooling, water filtration, and retrofit double glazing).

The advertising campaign complements HRV’s new partnership with TV ONE’s DIY renovation show, Our First Home.

Boyes said the TV show, and the new advertising campaign, are a great way for HRV to put the spotlight on the importance of creating and living in a healthy home environment.

“We want to highlight the importance of installing products that ensure homes are kept warm and dry, not only to make it cosy in winter but to allow people to do everything from save money on maintenance and their monthly power bills and improve the health and wellbeing of the families living in them,” he said.

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