Y&R & HRV invite Kiwis to make the sun work for them

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In a single hour, the amount of energy from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year, so Y&R is calling for New Zealanders to harness this plentiful resource with the latest release from HRV – HRV Solar.

“HRV has been helping Kiwi families to their perfect home environment for over a decade, and following its acquisition by Vector, is now set to release its most exciting offering yet – HRV Solar,” says Y&R ceo/CCO Josh Moore.

HRV Solar allows Kiwis to make the sun work for them. Available initially in Auckland, the solar product will roll out across New Zealand this year.

“Y&R has been working with HRV for six years, and we’re incredibly proud to have taken them from a direct marketing business to producing robust, integrated campaigns, including this latest work for HRV Solar,” Moore said.

The campaign incorporates cinema, video ondemand, online, radio, social, and influencer partnerships; and introduces new weather measurement, in partnership with MetService.”

The multi-layered campaign launches this week, playing on the fact that there’s an almost inconceivable amount of energy that has travelled millions of kilometres across the galaxy to power everything from our kitchen appliances to our electric toothbrushes.

The campaign incorporates cinema, video ondemand, online, radio, social, and influencer partnerships; and also sees the conception of a new weather measurement, in a partnership with MetService, to educate New Zealanders about the potential of the NZ sun.

MetService now provides daily kilowatt hour reports (the way in which solar energy is measured), that will allow people to see how much sun they can harness to power their homes.

Bruce Gordon, ceo of Eco-Products Group (owner of HRV), said: “As part of our ongoing vision to help improve Kiwi homes by making them warm, dry and comfortable, HRV Solar builds on years of expertise and experience in NZ homes to offer the latest in-home solar technologies that complement the range of HRV solutions.

“Solar technology has developed to a point of being useful for everyday New Zealanders, and we’re excited to offer it to Kiwi home owners.”


Client: HRV Solar
Managing Director: Bruce Gordon
Head of Marketing: Justin Boyes
Marketing Manager: Aimee Roxborogh
Solar Programme Manager: Leon Hayward
Marketing Executive: Bex Sloan

Agency: Y&R
CEO / CCO: Josh Moore
Managing Director: Jono Key
National GM Engage: Nicky Greville
Art Director: Liz Richards
Copywriter: Nicholas Dellabarca
Senior Account Director: Katie Loverich
Account Manager: Nicky Webster
Head of TV and Content: Anna Kennedy
Head of Motion Graphics: Amanda Sassano
Head of Design: James Wendelborn
Planner: Craig McLeod
Head of PR: Rebecca Lawson
Group Business Director: Dorota Girdlestone
National Trading Director: Cath Hamilton
Media Planner: Dylan Hardie
Implementation Manager: Stephanie Mannion
Media Buyer: Lizzy Cooper-Fyfe
Strategy Director: Sophie Vahry
Social Media Specialist: Jarrod Allen
Digital Planner: Jillian Hor
Programmatic Manager: Mihisara Dayarante
Head of Digital: Greg Whitham
Executive Digital Producer: Petra Skoric
UX / Digital Designer: Terry Yee
Digital Developer: Ash Crockett
Mac Operator/Designer: Tina Yu

Production Company: Finch
Director: Jae Morrison
Executive Producer: Karen Bryson
Producer: Claire Kelly
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka
Composition: Jonathan Bree
Photographer (Match Photographers): Ross Brown

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