Y&R Serbia works to bring Christians & Muslims together

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A joint project between Y&R Belgrade and the Interreligious Council in Bosnia & Herzegovina has produced a new book that aims to bring Christianity and Islam closer together.

“Over the past eight months we have worked on a project called One Book For Peace,” says media relations director Maša Vučković. “It is a project that aims to bring people from different religions closer.

“We humbly request you to help us spread this message of peace.”

One Book For Peace is an attempt to bring down prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of inter-religious dialogue.

‘There’s more that unites us than sets us apart’
The book gathers teachings from the holy books of the Bible and the Quran, comparatively showing how similar messages from each are.

“Which makes it even more important as religious differences today are still at the root of many conflicts around the world,” Vučković says.

“This project is a joint effort between the council and Y&R to bring our common beliefs together.”

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