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YWCA Auckland is continuing the fight for gender pay equality in New Zealand with its latest campaign which calls for the Governor of the Reserve Bank to remove gallant suffragette Kate Sheppard from the $10 note.

In 1893 Kate Sheppard played a pivotal role in our history, successfully campaigning for New Zealand women to be the first in the world to have the right to vote. It is for this reason that she graces the front of the $10 note – but now the YWCA is asking how she would respond today, for every $10, knowing a man earns, a woman only earns $9.

DDB created the campaign. “The $10 note has always been a proud symbol of New Zealand’s progressive nature and have far we have come as a country with woman’s rights,” says DDB ECD Shane Bradnick.

“The reality is it’s also a symbol of our pay inequality and how far we still have to go.  Perhaps Kate still has quite a bit to teach us?”

Bringing this inequality into the spotlight, the YWCA has created a $9 note in place of the $10, especially for women in New Zealand. And in an open letter to the Governor of the Reserve Bank, YWCA asks Graeme Wheeler to remove Kate from the $10 and replace her with a ‘more fitting’ man.

The campaign follows the inaugural YWCA Equal Pay Awards held last Wednesday, established to recognise and reward New Zealand businesses which demonstrated rigorous commitment to the equal pay journey within their respective organisations. Westpac was awarded first place – the Gold Award – for best practice as an equal pay employer.

Monica Briggs, CEO of YWCA Auckland, says, “Equal pay is a key focus for YWCA Auckland. While we aim to raise awareness of the existing 13% pay gap, we are passionate about working alongside the business community to inspire change. The awards were the start of that journey and now Kate joins us for part two.”

Sina Wendt-Moore, Co-President, YWCA said: “By reintroducing the late, great Kate Sheppard to Kiwis in this new light, we’re hoping people will look at the issue through a broader lens as we ask them to consider whether we can still call ourselves a socially progressive nation, given the impact this issue is having on our society.”

In the New Zealand Income Survey report (June 2013 quarter) the average full-time hourly earnings for a man was $28.33 while the average full-time hourly earnings for a woman was $25.06.

According to YWCA Auckland, the public perception is that the pay gap between men and women forms when women leave work to have children, when in actual fact, in the private sector, evidence suggests that pay gaps are forming in the first five years of employment, right from graduate level. For instance, the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants surveyed its own sector to discover that male chartered accountants with five years’ experience earn $3,605 more on average than their female counterparts.

The YWCA’s message to employers is universal, encouraging organisations to take a progressive stance and make this issue a priority, whether large or small, in the public or private sector.

“We want Kiwis, both men and women, to join the debate and continue to help us campaign for gender pay equality,” Briggs said.

  • Join the debate at #demandequalpay.



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Monica Briggs: CEO, YWCA Auckland

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