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Special Group and media agency Vizeum have crafted a fully integrated media campaign to market Red Bull NZ’s premium new offering, Red Bull Zero, available in selected stores now and nationwide on October 20. 

“The first stage of the campaign went live last week, where our Red Bull Wings Team members dressed up as FedEx Courier drivers and delivered big cardboard boxes across the country, containing giant helium balloons which lifted the cans into the air,” said Red Bull NZ comms specialist Opal MacKinnon.

“We do not advertise product messaging on TV.”

Here’s the product blurb: Consumers are seeking out a zero carbohydrate, low calorie option in addition to the existing low sugar/sugar free choices in the drinks market. Red Bull Zero answers this consumer need by offering a new energy drink with zero carbs, zero sugar and low calories.

Launching Red BullZero is the latest evolution for Red Bull, which in 2002 was the first global energy drink brand to introduce a sugar free variation of its popular beverage to the market.

“Red Bull Zero is expected to drive incremental sales for the brand and further invigorate the energy drink category,” says Red Bull New Zealand General Manager Gavin Pook.

“The Diet/Sugarfree/Zero segment accounts for 9.1% of all energy drink channels in the New Zealand market and is growing at +6% versus a year ago. Diet/Sugarfree/Zero now also accounts for 30% of The United States total energy drink category.

“In Australia, the launch of Red Bull Zero has driven incremental growth to the category by +$11.7 million. Overall, both the US and Australian markets show an opportunity for significant category growth in New Zealand.”

Red Bull Zero is a new Red Bull Energy Drink with the same key ingredients, new fuller flavour and is for anyone who needs wings but with zero carbs and zero sugar. Like all Red Bull products, Red Bull Zero vitalizes body and mind. Red Bull products are appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, busy professionals and travellers on long journeys.

Red Bull Zero will be available in two pack formats – individual 250ml cans and in a take home 250ml four-pack and will be priced in line with Red Bull® Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree.

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