Zuckerberg no fan of Donald Trump

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Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg had nothing good to say about Donald Trump to audience of 2600 developers gathered at the Facebook conference in San Francisco overnight.

He didn’t mention Trump by name, but his target was clear: “I hear fearful voices calling for us to build walls and slow immigration,” he said.

“Instead of walls, let’s build bridges.” (Scroll down for the link to view Zuckerberg’s full speech).

Sharing the stage with Zuckerberg were other Facebook execs – platform VP Deb Liu, global product partnerships director Ime Archibong, messaging product VP David Marcus and chief product officer Chris Cox.

Mark Zuckerberg kicked the conference off with a keynote detailing Facebook’s 10-year technology roadmap, and the ways those technologies will help bring people together and give everyone a voice.

Day 1 announcements included:

Live API: Facebook Live has been “incredibly successful”, and now they’re opening up an API so developers can design even more ways for people and publishers to interact and share in real time on Facebook:

  • Bots for Messenger: As part of the new Messenger Platform, bots can provide anything from automated subscription content like weather and traffic updates, to customised communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and live automated messages – all by interacting directly with the people who want to get them. The Messenger Send / Receive API will support not only sending and receiving text, but also images and interactive rich bubbles containing multiple calls-to-action.
  • Facebook 360: They’ve designed and built a 3D-360 camera system – Facebook Surround 360 – which produces sharp, truly spherical footage in 3D. The system includes stitching technology that seamlessly marries the video from 17 cameras, vastly reducing post-production effort and time. The design specs and stitching code will be available on GitHub soon.
  • Profile Expression Kit: People can now use third-party apps to create fun and personality-infused profile videos with just a few taps. The closed beta kicks off today with support for six apps: Boomerang by Instagram, Lollicam, BeautyPlus, Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel, MSQRD and Vine.
  • Free Basics Simulator & Demographic Insights: It’s now easier for developers to build for Free Basics with the Free Basics Simulator, which lets them see how their service will appear in the product, and Demographic Insights, which helps them better understand the types of people using their services.
  • Account Kit: Account Kit gives people the choice to log into apps with just their phone number or email address, helping developers grow their apps to new audiences.
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps updates: More than 450,000 unique apps already use this product to understand, reach, and expand their audiences, and we’re introducing more features to help developers and marketers grow their businesses with deeper audience insights, and push and in-app notifications (beta).
  • Quote Sharing: Quote Sharing is new way for people to easily share quotes they find around the web or in apps with their Facebook friends.
  • Save Button: The Save Button lets people save interesting articles, products, videos, and more from around the web into their Saved folder on Facebook, where they can easily access it later from any device.
  • Rights Manager: Rights Manager is a new tool that helps publishers manage and protect video on Facebook at scale, while also giving them increased flexibility and control for the use of their videos.
  • Crossposted Videos and Total Performance Insights: The update makes it easier for publishers to reuse and monitor their videos across different posts and Pages, and to see the total performance of the video across Facebook.
  • Instant Articles: The Instant Articles program is now open to all publishers of any type, anywhere in the world.

F8 continues tomorrow, with more details on the 10-year roadmap.

Watch Zuckerberg below at F8.

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