2016 global online numbers + 2017 forecasts

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As New Year’s Day 2017 rolled by, there were 3,700,000,000 regular internet users in the world – and just 0.8% were based in NZ/Australia/Oceania, according to a wide-ranging new report out of US-based internet trends tracker vpnMentor.

The data and infographics report includes mobile penetration, e-commerce sales, online shopper spending, smartphone/tablet penetration, global connection speeds, how load time affects web page abandonment, laptops vs mobiles vs desktop, search engine/social media statistics, and forecasts & trends for 2017.

“Our reviews are not based on advertising; they are based on real experiences, making vpnMentor a truly powerful transparency tool for the internet.” says unidentified author of the report, emailed to M+AD over the weekend.

“We work diligently to write easy-to-read guides on hard-to-understand subjects, and then translate them into 27 languages.

The experts behind vpnMentor are former Google tech speaker Ariel Hochstadt, San Francisco-based tech blogger John Norris, technical writer/robot manual creator Daniel Krohn, and ex-hacker Alex Frenkel.

“We have scoured the most trusted researchers’ sites to present the following series of charts. Grouped by general topic, the information below represents the most recent data on major internet trends.

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