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AUCKLAND, Today: AUT Comms Studies head Rosser Johnson has confirmed M+AD’s earlier story about the resignation of AdSchool’s CD of 18 years, Paul White. “Paul retired in December, and we are currently in the process of identifying his replacement,” he says.

It’s also been confirmed that White’s deputy, senior lecturer Jane Berney, has left her position to take up a part-time role at AUT.

The senior teacher identified by White as his probable successor, Dan Fastnedge, also made contact.

“I’ve just seen the article on Paul’s departure and wanted to write, to introduce myself  and answer some of your questions (and correct some points),” he writes

“After 18 years, Paul has left to focus on personal projects, work on freelance jobs and enjoy more time with his grandchildren. After some health concerns, Jane is taking some time away for herself but will be returning part-time to take post-graduate advertising papers.

“My apologies if you are finding it difficult to get a response from AUT HR as most of the staff are still on leave. Also being extremely modest, Paul and Jane wanted to ensure the focus was kept on the students until the end of the year and were hesitant to announce anything to the industry.

“But I’m glad to see that the industry has taken note.

“It’s the end of an era for the AUT AdSchool. After almost 20 years lecturing Paul and Jane have had a profound impact on their students and the industry. Past students have gone on to be successful suits, planners and creatives, both in New Zealand and internationally.

“Only last year, two graduates received student pencils at D&AD, one of their past teams (Thomas Gledhill and Lennie Galloway) were awarded Creative Team of the Year 2019 at AWARD, and Paul and Jane’s own work (their contribution to the Armistice 100 Days Project) was shortlisted at D&AD also.

“As a past student myself, I can testify to the impact Jane and Paul had on students”

“How’s that for going out strong?

“As a past student myself, I’ve had the fortune of having Jane and Paul as lecturers and can testify to the impact they have on students.

“After one paper with Jane and Paul I changed my major and decided that advertising would play a part in my future. After graduating in 2006, I spent 10 years as a creative and art director.

“Starting out in Auckland before moving to London in 2012, I came back just as Dave Brown, the previous Art Direction lecturer and my lecturer when I studied, was retiring. I jumped at the chance to work with Paul and Jane and be part of the advertising lecturing team.

“Since 2017 I’ve been teaching Art Direction and Advertising Creativity. Using my overseas experience I’ve been developing lessons using a contemporary approach, and am also completing my Masters. I’m thankful to have had Paul and Jane as inspiring university lecturers and later as encouraging work colleagues.

“AUT has not named another head of advertising to replace Paul.

“Whilst I will be the key contact for the advertising major, i am not officially the head of faculty, as I have yet to complete a Masters.

“Although it will be hard to fill Paul or Jane shoes, a new team will be joining me this year to continue the AUT AdSchool legacy – more on this will be announced later this year.

“As the academic year begins, we will be in contact with the agencies to introduce ourselves and to see who is interested in being involved with the course in 2020.”

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