Andy McDowell’s $70,000 man says thank YOU

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Trevor Moodie, who with the Marketing Association helped organise Tuesday’s auction to raise funds for Auckland adman Andy McDowell – now battling Parkinson’s disease – has been quick to praise the NZ ad & marketing sector who raised an astonishing $70,000 to give McDowell’s two little girls educational opportunities later in life.

“Thanks to everybody for their focus on Andy MacDowell’s auction night. Your help has been amazing,” Moodie said.

“It is great that we have been able to raise all this money (sadly a small drop of what his future needs will be) but we are really grateful for the industry’s support. Can’t believe the way they have come together over this – all the result of a chance catch-up call with Ant Salmon which set the ball rolling.

“The rest is pretty much history with truly amazing support from a wide range of agency groups and individuals. And Federation’s campaign has been nothing short of brilliant.

“We’re humbled and I know Andy is too.” McDowell and Moodie are partners in Auckland agency The Department of Marketing.

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