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August’s Top 10 is a combination of past favourites and new submissions – five, to be exact – across a variety of industries.

There’s a new No 1 – Mercury Energy The Great Escape, followed by the ever-popular Toyota Real Road Experts.

“NZTA’s newest ad Dilemmas comes in at third,” says Colmar Brunton’s Andy Strain, who compiles the list. “It tells the story of possible consequences around drink driving, and includes cameos of the iconic Jason Gunn and Kiwi viral star Levi Hawken of Nek Minnit.

The rest consists of new ads from Lynx, My Food Bag, AA Insurance & Vodafone.

Top 10 Ads in August 2018

1. Mercury Energy The Great Escape, FCB


2. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux (Laban Dickinson)


3. NZTA Dilemmas, Clemenger BBDO, 3&7 Productions (Steve Ayson)


4. Pak’n Save Stickman Auditions, FCB


5. Lotto Armoured Truck, DDB, Scoundrel (Tim Bullock)


6. Lynx NZ Confidence, Emotive Australia (creative & production)


7. Specsavers Royal Wedding, produced in-house in Sweden. NZ PR from Mango


8. My Food Bag: Dinner makes families, Saatchi & Saatchi, Assembly (Damon Duncan)


9. AA Insurance Live a Little Freer, DDB, Finch (directors The Bobbsey Twins)


10. Vodafone The Future According to Emma, FCB, Finch (Alyssa McClelland)



1. Mercury Energy The Great Escape

  • “I love that they ‘escape’ and have a real sense of freedom and enjoyment!” 
  • “Love the humour.”
  • “Really funny & I keep watching it.”
  • “It’s very clever!”

2. Toyota The Real Road Experts

  • “They are very cute and catchy.”
  • “I like their sense of humour and the ad doesn’t shout at you.”
  • “It’s funny that we work so hard to eradicate them, and yet the possums are saying they’ll never be eradicated.”
  • “I like it because of the humour and because of my love for animals.”
  • “Makes me laugh!”

3. NZTA Dilemmas

  • “Favourite just because it’s humorous and a laugh.”
  • “Good community message targeting a group that might need a bit of a reminder and not making it all sentimental but more about themselves.”
  • “It’s quite amusing but it also shows what could happen if you let one of your mates drive drunk.”
  • “I like it because only a KIWI would understand it.”


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