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HONG KONG, Today: In the footsteps of a lukewarm reception in Australia, Ogilvy NZ & Sweetshop’s latest police recruitment video, Breaking News, has been accorded top marks by columnist Ad Nut in Campaign Asia-Pacific

“Real members of the force answer recruitment FAQs in video that’s funnier than many supposedly funny TV shows starring professional comedic actors,” Ad Nut says (scroll down for the link).

 “The NZ Police force, working with Ogilvy, has released a worthy follow-up to last year’s ambitiously but not inaccurately titled World’s Most Entertaining Recruitment Video, which Ad Nut adored.

“That work made Campaign Asia-Pacific‘s top 10 list for 2017 and won silver and bronze at Cannes Lions, as well as a wood pencil at D&AD.

“Shatford is some sort of genius in coaching performance – it’s not easy to make non-actors (human or animal) come across as this funny.”

“Teaming up once again with Sweetshop director Damien Shatford, the force has turned in a very enjoyable three-minute film that delivers some solid laughs while answering legit questions that potential recruits often ask officers.

Breaking News features more than 70 real officers and police staff, plus police dog Jango and police horse Mia.

“Shatford must be some kind of genius in coaching performance, because it’s not easy to make non-actors (human or animal) come across as this funny.

“Like the earlier effort, the video also underscores the force’s laudable commitment to gender and cultural diversity, as well as service to its community.

However, as a sceptical creature who does not believe in ghosts or psychics or other ‘woo’, Ad Nut is not so thrilled to find out that the NZ police force has a ‘paranormal division’, even if this alien-sheep-abduction scene is amusing.

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