Debuts for Sealord, Oceania, Air NZ

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Compiled for M+AD by Colmar Brunton client executive Andy Strain: “A very similar Top 3 to last month,” he writes. “KFC jumps up to 2nd and pushed Spark out of the Top 3.”

The debuts this month are Sealord, Oceania healthcare and Air NZ. And Mitre 10’s magnificent Sandpit is back in its regular #1 slot.

Top 10 Ads in October 2017

1. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (Kevin Denholm)


2. KFC Life’s Better when it’s Finger Lickin’ Good, O&M, Scoundrel (director Peter Carstairs) 


3. Arnotts Apocalypse Steve Hansen, Y&R Engage, Curious (director Zoe Bell)


4. Spark Little Can Be Huge, Colenso BBDO, Finch (director Christopher Riggert)


5. Vogel’s We are all Vogel’s, Shine, Curious (Oliver Green)


6. Pak’nSave Stickman FCB, Waxeye


7. Sealord Be Like a Fish, Ogilvy, Waitemata Films (Rob Sarkies)


8. Oceania Healthcare Magic Moments, Rainger & Rolfe, Film Construction (Perry Bradley) 


9. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys Clemenger BBDO/Touchcast


10. Air NZ safety video



1. Mitre 10 Sandpit

  • “I like the subtle reference to Aussies – it’s a typical Kiwi DIY ad”
  • “Even though it’s an old ad, it’s still relevant and it takes the piss out of the Aussies, so it’s got to be good”
  • “I like it because children are cute and I can identify with the content and humour.”

2. KFC: Life’s Better when it’s Finger Lickin’ Good

  • “It’s funny without being cruel or lame.”
  • “Puts the oldies in a good light, shows they’re still full of life, and need to be taken notice of.”
  • “I love this ad because it makes my young daughters laugh and it’s easy to remember!”
  • “I smile each time I see it.”
  • “ different, funny and unexpected.”

3. Arnotts Apocalpse Steven Hansen

  • “Colourful and vibrant in its own way, the music is creative and suits the theme. The script is clear and uncluttered engaging the audience.”
  • “It’s an engaging ad with its own blend of uniqueness, fantasy, and realism not bogged down by the stereo typical and non-creative cliché ads usually seen on TV.”
  • “Very humorous!”
  • “The colouring catches the eye as ‘different’ and most importantly it makes me smile and sometimes even laugh. Not a lot on TV can do that.”


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