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Three debutants claimed the top three spots this week Spark’s Father’s Day and Speight’s The Dance are genuine new arrivals, while No 3 sees the return of Nova’s catchy Rhyming Guy.

“These three pushed last month’s top three lower down the list,” says Colmar Brunton’s Andy Strain, who oversees the exercise each month.

“It was also a popular month for energy providers – Nova, Mercury and Energy Online: The telco sector also shines, with Spark and 2degrees both claiming a top 10 spot.”

Top 10 Ads in May 2018

1. Spark Father’s Day, Finch (Christopher Riggert)


2. Speights The Dance, DDB, The Sweet Shop (Steve Ayson)


3. Nova Greg Grover, Assignment Group, Curious Film (Ric Cantor) 


4. Lotto Imagine Armoured Truck, DDB, Scoundrel (Tim Bullock)


5. Treasures Giggling Babies, Flying Fish (Gregor Nicholas).


6. 2degrees Second Nature, DDB, Finch (The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide)


7. Mercury Energy The Great Escape, FCB


8. Instant Finance Makers of Possible, Contagion


9. Energy Online Winter, Contagion, Fish and Clips (Greg Page)


10. Pak’n’Save: Stickman Series, FCB, Waxeye



1. Spark Father’s Day

  • “Totally heart tearing – a beautiful moment I can relate to.”
  • “It is appealing because it pulls at the heartstrings that he has no dad, but he finds a way around it and includes his mother.”
  • “I love it because there are a lot of kids in his position.”
  • “This ad is beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye.”
  • “I love this ad because it shares a reality for many families where mum (or dad) are the sole parent and how it can be difficult for children to come to terms with.

2. Speights The Dance

  • “It’s humorous and a bit different to the usual.”
  • “I like the storyline of the burly mates teaching the guy to dance.”
  • “Music is very catchy, very relatable.”
  • “It tells a great story with good characters and the song works really well.”
  • “Very funny and poignant. Well produced and acted. Brilliant.”
  • “It is realistic and probably happens more than we would expect.”

3. Nova Energy Rhyming Words 

  • “I have always liked their take on words.”
  • “Quite funny and well presented.”
  • “It is a clever use of word play.”
  • “That ad is quite clever and funny.”
  • “Well written and great acting.”


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