Draft/FCB Sandpit the best NZ tvc ever?

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The slowdown in production over the holiday period has produced a vacuum in the latest Top 10 data – this month’s column is essentially a refresh of the November/December list.

“Viewers are demonstrating similar favouritism to November with Christmas-themed ads taking the top spots,” says Colmar Brunton client executive Andy Strain.

“For this month, ads that are humorous and quirky have left strong impressions among our viewers becoming their favourite ad for the month, a trend we have seen throughout this year.”

And still setting the trend for droll Antipodean humour, after countless years in the Top 10, is probably Kiwis’ favourite ad ever – DraftFCB/Exposure’s Mitre 10 Sandpit (scroll down for the comments section – priceless!).

Top 10 Ads in December 2017

1. Farmers Secret Santa, FCB, The Sweet Shop (Andrew Lang)


2. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (Kevin Denholm)


3. New World Santa, 99/Colenso BBDO, Fish (Gregor Nicholas)


4. Rainbow Youth If It’s Not Gay, Y&R, Eight (Jamie Lawrence)


5. Oceania Healthcare Magic Moments, Rainger & Rolfe, Film Construction (Perry Bradley)


6. Pak’n Save Stickman, FCB, Waxeye


7. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux (Laban Dickinson)


8. Air New Zealand Fantastical Journey safety video, True, Assembly (Damon Duncan, Jonny Kofoed) 


9. Specsavers, produced in-house in Sweden (director Mats Stenberg). NZ PR from Mango


10. AMI Rollergirl, Colenso BBDO, The Sweet Shop (Campbell Hooper)



1. Farmers Secret Santa

  • “I love how it shows kindness and caring at this crazy time of year. It brings tears to my eyes every time.”
  • “This is just a really cool ad; it tells a story which is heart-warming and shows Christmas spirit.”
  • “I found this funny and heart-warming. The old man’s facials are funny and the young boy is a kind, yet, cheeky kid.”
  • “A great ad to show the spirit of Christmas and the importance of the little things that are appreciated during the busy season.”

2. Mitre 10 Sandpit

  • “An old ad – these kids are all well and truly grown up now but it’s so believable and realistic you’d hardly think they were acting. Still my all-time favourite.”
  • “It seems natural, humorous and real. Does not rely on expensive gimmicks. The accents are Kiwi and Aussie.”
  • “I know the kids must be grown up by now but what acting! It gives the impression that jobs are ‘kids play’ when you get help from Mitre 10.”
  • “I like the blokey can-do attitude being transposed onto children, and the Transtasman rivalry.”
  • “Fav ad of all time, reflects upon our DIY culture and the cute kids are just too cute.”

3. New World Santa

  • “This one everyone can enjoy. I and my kids all find this funny.”
  • “Festive and funny. It’s different to the other stuff on TV and brings an unexpected twist.”
  • “Something so simple suddenly explodes out of proportion. Plays a ‘what if’ scenario in a hilarious way.”


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