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Specsavers, Pak n’ Save just keep on keeping on at the top, but this month’s chart features no fewer than five debuts – ICC Cricket World Cup (out of Melbourne), Barnes Catmur & Friends’ Heart Foundation spot, Trivago Berlin, Michael Hill’s big-budget Superbowl spot, and DDB’s Westpac Mr Tinfoil.

Top 10 Favourite Adverts in February 2015

  1. Specsavers Volleyball, MediaCom
  2. Pak n’ Save Stickmen series, FCB, Waxeye (Paul James/Paul Carter)
  3. ICC Cricket World Cup, CHE Proximity Melbourne, The Sweet Shop (Ben Quinn)
  4. NZ Heart Foundation NZ’s Biggest Killer, Barnes Catmur & Friends
  5. Trivago Berlin, origins unknown at press time
  6. Michael Hill We’re for Love, Colenso BBDO, Webber Represents/New York (Magdalena Wosinska)
  7. NZI Devil’s Chair, FCB, Assembly (dir Damon Duncan)
  8. KiwRail Take a Break, Clemenger BBDO (camera Dan Monaghan)
  9. Nova Energy Mr Rover, Clemenger BBDO Wellington
  10. Westpac Mr Tinfoil, DDB, Scoundrel (Tim Bullock)

What the viewers said …


“Very witty.”

“It’s humorous, realistic and the cat animation gets the message across well.”

“It’s so comical and well-constructed.”

“It is real life comedy situations.

“It makes me laugh.”

“Makes me laugh every time.”

Pak n’ Save Stickmen Series

“Lately they have had a bit of humour in them.”

“They are quirky and fun and simple.”

“Humorous and change frequently and really suits the brand. Look forward to the next one.”

“Basic but very clever.”

“The little stick figure with the jokes are very funny. The person(s) who think up of new ideas for the ads, is very clever!”

“The sense of humour that is shown throughout the ad. Not Politically correct per se.”

ICC Cricket World Cup

“Love the music and the excitement and hype.”

“Because I am looking forward to the tournament.”

“It’s appealing and good music.”

“I like cricket.”


1. Specsavers


2. Pak n’ Save


3. ICC Cricket World Cup


4. NZ Heart Foundation


5. Trivago Berlin


6. Michael Hill


7. NZI


8. KiwiRail


9. Nova Energy


10. Westpac


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