Heart Kids campaign celebrates born fighters

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Heart Kids – a Kiwi charity that is not Government-funded and relies on public goodwill to function – tomorrow launches its 2015 fund-raising campaign in tandem with its new agency, Auckland digital shop Method Studios.

Method was appointed last year after M+AD ran a piece about the charity’s need for agency assistance.

“After months of hard work we’re so proud to launch the Born Fighters campaign,” says Method managing director Samantha Ramlu.

“It’s close to our hearts as parents of a heart kid but our team have also made it their mission to deliver an amazing campaign with such a hard hitting message.”

Heart Kids NZ ceo Rob Lutter says 12 Kiwi kids are born with heart defects every week.

“Every child Heart Kids supports shows true strength of character and toughness of spirit,” he said. “These 12 babies effectively become warriors, soldiers and fighters.

“Heart Kids provides lifelong support to these children and our new campaign celebrates their strength and bravery. This is the only charity that supports Kiwi children and families affected by CHD, right through their life, and provides free access to its 50+ services.”

While there are surgical procedures that can improve the heart’s function, there is no cure for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), and it’s very common for children with heart defects to undergo multiple surgeries and to spend the rest of their lives needing to manage their heart condition.

This year’s appeal celebrates the innate strength and resilience of children born with heart defects, such as Marc Tai who was born with a hole in his heart. At just two months old he underwent seven hours of open heart surgery and was put on life support.

“Throughout Marc’s recovery he has proven he is one determined little man and is now an energetic four-year-old,” said Lutter.

The campaign also features one-year-old Jesse Eastlake as a born solider, and 11 year-old Merapi Uangakore as a born warrior. Visit www.heartkids.co.nz to read their touching stories.

These are just three of the more than 2800 children and families Heart Kids supports by providing them with practical, emotional and psychosocial services – be it an information brochure, specialist equipment, leadership development for heart youth and adults, a camping experience, an opportunity to connect with other families, a hot meal for hospital-bound families, or just a shoulder to cry on.

“Heart Kids receives no funding from the government and needs your help,” Lutter said. Heart Kids is not affiliated with the Heart Foundation.

Tomorrow (Friday 7 August) Heart Kids will be collecting throughout New Zealand on the street. Alternatively, visit www.heartkids.co.nz to make a donation (or a $3 donation can be made by texting HEART to 2427).

Ad industry outfits supporting the campaign

  • APN Outdoor: Airport Screens
  • oOh! Media: retail digital panels
  • Phantom Billstickers
  • Adshels
  • Parenting sites Oh Baby and Kidspot
  • M+AD

Mr Vintage has done some Charitees for the month (“they look awesome,” says Ramlu): www.mrvintage.co.nz/heart-kids-fighters-club-kids-tee-2-y-68923.html

Sky City will light up the tower tonight with a beating red light.

Also, Ramlu wonders if any media agencies have “distressed space” they might like to offer? Contact her at sam@methodstudios.co.nz


Client: Heart Kids NZ
Agency: Method Studios
Creative Director: Eugene Eastlake
Digital Art Director: Ben Markby
Designer: Hamish Jackson-Mee
Account team: Rhian Bedford-Palmer, Emma Keesing
Development team: Celine Rufener, Josh Warner
Production Company: Side Project Films
Photographer: Carmen Bird
Strategic Director: Sam Ramlu

Declaration of interest: M+AD designer/director Chris Grimsone, and M+AD’s advertising manager Kelly Lucas are themselves parents of a heart kid (www.mad-daily.com/wanted-an-agency-with-heart).

About Heart Kids
Heart Kids’ primary goal is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with childhood heart conditions. Their mission is to provide lifelong support for all affected by the world’s most common birth defect or heart disease acquired during childhood.

Heart Kids are there to help at every step of the heart journey – from when it is diagnosed through childhood, the teenage years and into adulthood.

Heart Kids’ practical and emotional support is vital for those affected, helping them cope with the day-to-day challenges of living with a childhood heart condition.

Heart Kids NZ is the only organisation in New Zealand dedicated to providing lifelong support for all those affected by childhood heart conditions.

Heart Kids NZ (www.heartnz.org.nz) now stretches across the nation providing kids, teens, adults and families affected by childhood heart conditions with free access to its 50+ services.

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