Inaccuracies in yesterday’s Yahoo NZ story

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Red Agency Sydney has challenged (very politely, we must say) M+AD’s coverage of its PR appointment by Yahoo NZ.

“Arnaud Calonne has lived in New Zealand for the last six years and remains based there for his role as Yahoo NZ’s head of sales,” wrote Yahoo7’s Sydney-based ceo Ed Harrison. “Arnaud is supported by local New Zealand sales and editorial teams.”

We had written (in quite disparaging terms) that Calonne was based in Australia.

Clearly, yesterday’s M+AD story was out of kilter – we also strongly implied that Yahoo NZ was thin on the ground in NZ, to say the least (actually, we said the entire Yahoo NZ operation was now based in Australia!)

“We were wrong on both counts, and we’re happy to correct the record,” said M+AD ed David Gapes. “We were, however, right on the main point of the story – that Yahoo NZ’s PR account had moved from NZ to Australia.”

Here’s yesterday’s story