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“As we enter the New Year, the theme of festive and Christmas ad campaigns diminish, writes Colmar Brunton client executive Andy Strain, in his January NZ Top 10 ads report.

“New Zealanders become more aware of the Kiwi summer and enjoy a well-deserved break from work and school.

“And this month’s favourite ads demonstrate summer themes and they key issues we witness at this time of year.

“2018’s Top 3 has kicked off with three additions to the list. NZTA, in coalition with New Zealand Police, come home with the chocolate fish this month with their Less Speed, Less Harm ad, showcasing a policeman’s perspective when a crash occurs and the many precautions that are effective.

“With New Zealand’s notorious highway crash rate that occurs over the summer period leaves the viewers to think and reassess their driving habits.

Second goes to ANZ with their Neighbours pool ad. A short TVC that shows a pair of kids making use of their summer holiday and trying to make use of the neighbours’ vacant pool. The audience relates to their own summer antics and the phrase ‘Hey Mister – what’s your pool doing later?’ comes off humorous and cheeky.

“Our third spot is claimed by KiwiRail’s Scenic Journey ad which beautifully represents the New Zealand countryside, accompanied by the Sole Mio trio. This is definitely an ad that appeals to the older generation who wouldn’t mind taking a rail trip over their summer break.

“A special mention goes to our fourth placed ad, NZ Police who have brought out ‘The greatest recruitment ad ever’, a mix of action, fast-paced cinematography and Taika Waititi-like humour that showcases the many opportunities in the NZ Police force, creating the memorability of this epic ad.

“A nice touch was adding familiar faces such as Black Ferns captain Constable Fiao’o Fa’amausili and Kiwi Instagram star Willy ‘Waiirua’ Cribb.”

Top 10 Ads in January 2017

1. NZTA/Police Less Speed Less Harm, Clemenger BBDO, Finch (Christopher Riggert).


2. ANZ, The Neighbour’s Pool, FCB 


3. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys, Clemenger BBDO/Touchcast


4. Police Recruitment Freeze, Ogilvy, The Sweet Shop


5. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (Kevin Denholm)


6. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux (Laban Dickinson)


7. Specsavers, produced in-house in Sweden (director Mats Stenberg). NZ PR from Mango


8. Pak’n Save Stickman, FCB, Waxeye


9. Farmers Secret Santa, The Sweet Shop (Andrew Lang)


10. Trivago: No data available.



1. NZTA/Police Less Speed Less Harm

  • “I like it because the message of road safety is very important and really hit home for me.”
  • “I like the way he describes the difference slowing down can make. The ad really makes you think.”
  • “I like the Police ad, specifically how it’s trying to show the public how it can be just ordinary people that just go a little too fast and an accident happens. How the danger in drivers thinking they are too familiar with where they are and don’t give driving the respect it deserves.”
  • “The police ad regarding traffic and what they deal with when people don’t follow the rules. Very true and people need to see it from their perspective.”
  • “People need to see what it looks like, the impact of everyone involved and how it can change your life after that point.”

2. ANZ The Neighbour’s Pool

  • “Brilliant piece of humour that leaves you feeling amused.”
  • “I love how the girl asking, ‘What’s your pool doing later?’ is very polite but also cheeky.”
  • “Reminds me of when I was growing up, gathering my friends and working together to find something to do.”

3. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys

  • “The NZ Rail advert showing scenery and lovely tenors singing; I always feel would like to take that trip.”
  • “Love the beautiful scenery and the music accompanying it.”
  • “Showcasing our beautiful country as well as NZ artist Sole Mio; can’t help but appreciate the country we live in.”


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