Little white lies (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: November’s Top 10 sees Spark swapping with VTNZ to take the No 1 spot, reports Colmar Brunton client executive Andy Strain, who compiles our monthly list.

“The humorous reactions of the kids finding out the white lies their parents have told them elicits relevance to the viewer – overall, driving memorability of the ads which narrowly slides past VTNZ’s Mad Max-inspired ad.”

Mercury Energy retains 3rd place and past Top 10 favourites Nova, Mitre 10, KFC and AA Insurance attain middle-order placements. Nespresso debuts at 8th, featuring with George Clooney’s quest for the perfect drop. One to potentially look out for in Decembers Top 10.

Top 10 Ads in November 2018

1. Spark: Generation Voice is Here (Colenso BBDO, Finch)


2. VTNZ Road Commander (FCB, Finch)


3. Mercury Energy: The Great Escape (FCB)


4. Nova Greg Grover, Assignment Group, Curious Film (Ric Cantor)


5. Mitre 10 Roy – Kong’s Out Again, FCB, Mark Albiston (Sweetshop)


6. KFC Airport (Ogilvy) 


7. AA Insurance Live a Little Freer, DDB, Finch (directors The Bobbsey Twins)


8. Nespresso The Quest, McCann New York/Wunderman Thompson NZ (formerly JWT)


9. Lotto Armoured Truck (Scoundrel/Tim Bullock)


10. Pak’n Save Stickman Series (FCB, Waxeye)



1. Spark Generation Voice is Here

  • “Because it’s funny.” 
  • “I thought this ad was really clever and humorous, kept me engaged till the end to find out what it was for.”
  • “Very nice and interesting, slightly concerning that young children have advanced knowledge in dealing with computers.”
  • “It’s fun & amusing to see those great little actors doing such a good job.”

2. VTNZ Road Commander 

  • “I am a fan of Mad Max and modified cars.”
  • “That guy is brilliant! The way he says ‘Blaaaades!’, and ‘You hear that, Gary?’ Love it!”
  • “Amusing because the young girl has a specific way of communicating with the driver; it’s over the top and comical.”

3. Mercury Energy The Great Escape 

  • “Just really makes me laugh.”
  • “It’s funny – the characters are spunky, it’s easy to remember it’s for Mercury Energy.”
  • “It’s something I can imagine doing when I am at that age.”
  • “I like how it promotes the use of electric cars in such a fun manner.”

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