Mitre 10 Sandpit breaks longevity record

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There’s no holding back a truly great ad – and DraftFCB’s Mitre 10 Sandpit is proving that it’s already a classic. This month it returns to the M+AD Top 10 (at #2) a remarkable six years after it was created (in 2008).

At #1 today – for the second month in a row – is Saatchi’s Telecom Giganaire.

The fastest-rising ads this month were FCB’s Vodafone Bowlcut and Assignment’s Purina Herding Cats.


The June Top 10

  1. Telecom Giganaire, Saatchi & Saatchi, Curious (director Robin Walters)
  2. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (dir Kevin Denholm)
  3. Vodafone SuperNet Bowlcut, FCB, Robber’s Dog (dir Adam Stevens)
  4. Purina Herding Cats, Assignment Group, Robber’s Dog (Adam Stevens)
  5. Pak’n’Save Stickmen series, FCB, Waxeye (Paul James/Paul Carter)
  6. NZI Devil’s Chair, FCB, Assembly (dir Damon Duncan)
  7. Toyota (Non-specific)
  8. Tasti Bar Home Made in NZ, Contagion, Watermark Animation.
  9. Burger King The Butchers Stack, Colenso BBDO.
  10. NZTA Everyone Makes Mistakes, Clemenger BBDO, Finch.



#1 Telecom Giganaire

  • “My favorite cos it’s funny, catchy and well done”
  • “because it’s a rap and it’s really catchy”
  • “Telecom Giganaire advert is my favorite at the moment. I like the creativity of it and the music is really catchy. Not like any other adverts I have seen before either”
  • “because it has a catchy tune”
  • “Telecom’s Giganaire ad – it’s very catchy and funny!”
  • “The Telecom broadband Giganaire one. It’s just so bad that it’s amazingly good.”


#2 Mitre 10 Sandpit

  • “The Mitre 10 DIY ad with the kids in the playground and the Kiwi vs Aussie humour. Kids are cute and it’s a funny ad.”
  • “Mitre 10 ad with kids talking in sandpit about renovations … ‘You’re dreaming mate’…”
  • “Mitre 10 ad with the kids. It is funny and the kids are cute plus some Aussie banter in there as well.”
  • “The Mitre 10 ad with the three little boys – two Kiwis and one Australian. I just love the expressions on the boys’ faces.”
  • “Mitre 10 ad with the children doing the DIY. It is appealing and funny”
  • “The Mitre 10 ad with kids going to build a retaining wall. The boys are gorgeous!”


#3 Vodafone SuperNet Bowlcut

  • “It’s funny and makes you imagine that anything is possible. It’s crazy and has a message for people to remember.”
  • “The bowl cut ad where the guy doesn’t have a phone or something so he misses out on the essential bowl cut trend. I like it because it’s really stupid.”
  • “Vodafone, bowl cut ad, so effective at getting the point across in a way that is funny.”
  • “The Vodafone bowl haircut advert. It shows ironically how important it is to be in touch but also conversely how mind numbing that can actually become.”
  • “Vodafone ‘Bowl Cut’ ad. It appeals to my sense of humour.”


#4 Purina Herding Cats


#5 Pak’n’Save Stickmen


#6 NZI Devil’s Chair


#7 Toyota (Non-specific)


#8 Tasti Bar Home Made in NZ


#9 Burger King The Butchers Stack


#10 NZTA Everyone Makes Mistakes


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