Nats debut at #4, Labour missing in action

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All copies of the National Party Rowing TVC have been expunged from the net in the wake of the looming Eminem rip-off scandal – but that hasn’t stopped the ad from debuting on the latest TV Top 20. (Visitors to Youtube and – where Rowing has featured prominently – now get a blank screen when they click the link, along with the message: “This video does not exist.”)

Elsewhere on our September chart, the classics mainly rule. But one newcomer of note is the Toyota Hilux “weather report”, which plays perfectly to Kiwis’ appreciation of dry, back-country humour. It debuts at No 2, just one week after it first hit the airwaves – the fastest rise we’ve seen in some time.

Also making a bow this month are the catchy Pita Pit Dancer, and the latest from everyone’s favourite Spray and Walk Away gentleman.

The Labour Party’s Positive campaign so far has been a no-show.

1. MasterCard Surprise, McCann Sydney, Robber’s Dog NZ (director Adam Stevens)
2. Toyota Hilux Weather Sweet, Saatchi & Saatchi, Gorgeous Films (Corey Chalmers)
3. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (dir Kevin Denholm)
4. National Party Rowing, agency and film co not known.
5. Pak’n’Save Stickmen series, FCB, Waxeye (Paul James/Paul Carter)
6. NZTA Ghost Chips, Clemenger BBDO, The Sweet Shop (Steve Ayson).
7. Purina Herding Cats, Assignment Group, Robber’s Dog (Adam Stevens)
8. Pita Pit Dancer, Contagion, Flying Fish (Helena Brookes).
9. Spray and Walk Away Shower Cleaner, Clarke Newton Auckland.
10. NZI Devil’s Chair, FCB, Assembly (dir Damon Duncan)



1. Mastercard Surprise

  • “It just makes me laugh every time I watch it!”
  • “The guy who plays the fan in it is really funny, without being cringe-inducing.”
  • “It’s so funny and the irony is priceless. He swipes his card and picks up Richie’s book to read on the plane and then, of course can’t find anything about himself in it.”
  • “It’s quick, catchy, the male actor is really funny and they don’t make Richie speak and sound silly!”
  • “It’s funny and not overloaded with product placement.”
  • “Is just generally funny, and adding to the other two good adverts.”
  • “Love it! It’s so funny.”


2. Toyota Hilux Weather Sweet

  • “Humorous and typically Kiwi!”
  • “Real NZ classic.”
  • “Get a laugh out of it and it’s not in your face.”
  • “It’s very original and funny when you think back at the previous Toyota ad with the same guy.”
  • “It makes me smile because we all know someone that is a little like that guy.”
  • “Like the simplicity of the ad and the use of humour.”
  • “Good actor.”


3. Mitre 10 Sandpit

  • “The implication is that Aussies choose to be lazy on weekends and it is funny the way the ad makers get this across.”
  • “I think it’s clever.”
  • “I like the cheeky humour.”
  • “She’s a pretty big job … Humorous and believable kids.”
  • “I love it because it seems unrehearsed.”
  • “’cos it’s cute.”


4. National Party Rowing (“This video does not exist.”)


5. Pak’n’Save Stickmen series


6. NZTA Ghost Chips


7. Purina Herding Cats


8. Pita Pit Dancer


9. Spray and Walk Away Shower Cleaner


10. NZI Devil’s Chair


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