Old favourites still rule

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Lotto jumped up to the top spot in June’s Colmar Brunton Top 10 TVCs poll, after missing out on the top 3 in May. Speights carries on as a Kiwi favourite only dropping one place to third from the previous month.

The middle order is held together with car-themed ads, with the classic Toyota Real Road Experts, Holden and Mercury Energy’s joyriding TVC.

Top 10 Ads in June 2018

1. Lotto Imagine Armoured Truck, DDB, Scoundrel (Tim Bullock)


2. Pak’n’Save Stickman Series, FCB, Waxeye


3. Speights The Dance, DDB, The Sweet Shop (Steve Ayson)


4. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux (Laban Dickinson)


5. Holden Colorado Doggone Field Days (no information available)


6. Mercury Energy The Great Escape, FCB


7. Specsavers Series, produced in-house in Sweden (director Mats Stenberg). NZ PR from Mango


8. Treasures Giggling Babies, Flying Fish (Grant Lahood)


9. 2degrees Second Nature, DDB, Finch (The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide)


10. McDonald’s Timeless, Revolver



1. Lotto Imagine Armoured Truck

  • “I like the way the ad is presented. It is heart-warming and relatable.”
  • “I like it because it’s different and made me smile.”
  • “I like feelgood vibe it has. Gives you hope that dreams come true.”

2. Pak n Save Stickman 

  • “I like seeing what the specials are for the week.”
  • “I like the Pak n Save ads because they’re full of character & are really funny.”
  • “I like the ad because of the humour & witty comments.”
  • “It tells a great story with good characters and the song works really well.”
  • “Very funny and poignant. Well produced and acted. Brilliant.”
  • “It is realistic and probably happens more than we would expect.”

3. Speights: The Dance

  • “Makes me smile and is a nice change from more ‘macho’ drinks ads.”
  • “It’s humorous. It takes a risk with the style of ad for a beer ad and it has a great message behind it, about team work, friends, workmates and a small, community helping someone.”
  • “It’s memorable.”
  • “It is very Kiwi, shows men in a softer light and it is funny.”
  • “It’s humorous and the kind of ad that makes you feel good.”
  • “It’s amusing and engaging.”


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