Older hits still working in 2016

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Our first Colmar Brunton/M+AD Top 10 of 2016 features almost wall-to-wall favourites from 2015. Lots of new ads debuted earlier this year, so there’s bound to be changes when these kick in over the next few weeks.

Vodafone’s Piggy Sue is No 1 again, with eight of the remaining oldies pushing it hard. The sole new ad is Cannon’s Never again, at #6.


Vodafone Piggy Sue

  • “I like the story with the pig finding a new home, then over Christmas how the guy was talking to family and had to cut it short as they brought out the ham on to the table. Love ads that form a story and have animals in them.”
  • “It makes me smile and I believe that it shows very good qualities of kindness.”
  • “I love the interaction with the pig- tender, compassionate, thoughtful.”
  • “It just amuses me as I have a childish mind.”
  • “It tells a lovely and on-going story.”
  • “I just think it’s cute and heart-warming!”
  • “The man seems sweet and the pig is cute, has a happy ending.”

Tower Insurance Confidence

  • “The little girl with blonde hair is so funny.”
  • “I like it because it is SO non-PC. The children of different ethnic groups react so predictably according to our perception of their culture, especially the little fellow who shrugs his shoulders and says, “I’ll just get another one.” Of course when they all scamper off after the clown they are just little children having fun – little children of all races creeds and cultures.”
  • “I like it because it’s cute and amusing.”
  • “They are very natural and funny.”
  • “I feel the children’s responses are very natural/typical children’s behaviour.”
  • “It’s funny, very well made, and has unique Kiwi elements and humour. Love it!”
  • “When you use young children it is hard to dislike them (unless you don’t like children). And when they see the penguin their reaction is funny so it becomes emotional.”
  • “They make me laugh every time; good clean ad.”
  • “It makes me smile.”

Lotto Pirate Ship

  • “I like it as it is everyone’s dream to be able to provide for and spend precious time with family.”
  • “I like the family togetherness of the ad.”
  • “I like that the young boy ends up having the time with his dad that he wants/needs.”
  • “I like the music and the idea of it being magical if you win.”

Top 10 Ads in November 2015

  1. Vodafone Piggy Sue, FCB, Revolver (Steve Rogers)

Tower Insurance Indestructables, Barnes Catmur & Friends, Finch (Alyssa McClelland)


3. Lotto Imagine, DDB, The Sweet Shop (director Steve Ayson)


4. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux (Laban Dickinson)


5. Hyundai Tucson Get Lost, Shine, Curious (Robin Walters)


6. Cannon Never again, Grey New York


7. Specsavers Postman Pat, MediaCom (shot offshore – producer not known)



8. KiwRail Take a Break, Clemenger BBDO (camera Dan Monaghan)


9. Colenso BBDO/Spark PHD Old Mout Hard Cider – A not-so-sweet cider, HeLo (Eric Kissack)


10. Kiwibank Independance, Assignment Group, Flying Fish (Greg Page)


Colmar Brunton completed 1000 interviews online from 3-11 February. Respondents were incentivised with Fly Buys points. The interviewees were all aged 18+; the margin of error is +/- 2.6%.

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