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AUCKLAND, Tuesday: There’s a lot of ONEs around these days (Vodafone/ONE, TV ONE, ONE Asia). When we last checked, there were hundreds of NZ outfits claiming the name – and thousands globally.

That’s our excuse, anyway!

Here’s an overnight message from Jack Mello in New York, who handles PR from the various global comps that come under The One Club for Creativity’s umbrella …

“Thanks for the M+AD coverage. Your first paragraph says: “NZ Agencies put in a strong showing in the finalists selections for the One Asia Creative Awards 2022 – produced by The One Club Asia – with 13 through – all entered by Special Auckland.”

“They aren’t all from Special. Special has 12 finalists, and Monolith has one.

“In the fourth paragraph, you say ‘The results list did not record NZ’s 13th spot’.

“That 13th NZ finalist is as you have listed in your sixth paragraph; the other finalist from NZ is Monolith Auckland, for Stuff Type Suite.”

M+AD ed David Gapes said: “I searched the finalists PDF for New Zealand and found only 12 – all for Special.”

Missing In Action – Dentsu Creative NZ
And here’ a very relevant follow-up message from NZ’s Dentsu Creative marketing manager James Bridgman …

“I just saw your awesome article on M+AD Daily and was wondering if you could include the Dentsu Creative finalists we’ve had? We’re stoked with TVNZ getting 2 x finalist spots here so would love to celebrate that.

“I also wonder if that would make it NZ 15-AU 13? Might tip the score in our favour?”

Both M+AD and Mello (and the search engine) overlooked the Dentsu Creative/Sweetshop Auckland result – two successes for their TVNZ work (refer to the graphic, above).

Apologies all around!

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