Ostrich soars higher

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Compiled for M+AD by Colmar Brunton client executive Mark Evans: Samsung Ostrich – an ad out of Leo Burnett USA – continues to capture eyeballs in New Zealand, in August notching up its third straight month at No 1.

The ad struck a chord with Kiwis the moment it hit the airwaves, debuting back in May at No2.

There’s four debutants in August – Vogel’s, Whittakers, The Warehouse and Toyota. The classics are still there, too, notably Mitre 10 Sandpit and Pak’nSave Stickman – both of which

Top 10 Ads in August 2017

1. Samsung S8 Ostrich, Leo Burnett USA, Starcom NZ 


2. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (Kevin Denholm)



3. Vogel’s We are all Vogel’s, Shine, Curious (Oliver Green)


4. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux


5. Whittakers Nigella Lawson, Assignment, Waitemata (Peter Burger)


6. Nova Greg Grover, Assignment Group, Curious Film (Ric Cantor)


7. The Warehouse Tradie Underwear, 99


8. Toyota Believe, Saatchi & Saatchi, Exposure (Kevin Denholm)


9. Sealord Be Like a Fish, Ogilvy, Waitemata Films (Rob Sarkies)


10. Pak’nSave Stickman, FCB, Waxeye



1. Samsung Ostrich

  • “Makes you believe anything is possible”
  • “Great storytelling with a nostalgic song”
  • “It is so funny and sweet”
  • “Just love it, love the bird and his dreams and that he makes them happen and doesn’t give up”
  • “It is so cute and so clever”

2. Mitre 10 Sandpit

  • “Because of its humour”
  • “Oldie but a goodie”
  • It’s funny seeing kids re-enact an adult conversation with a bit of humor in it.
  • “It’s very clever and very memorable”

3. Vogel’s We are all Vogel’s

  • “Great Kiwi music, a good product, and a nice message”
  • “It tells a story and appears to be nostalgic.”
  • “Very well done ad”
  • “I really like it as it’s so Kiwi”
  • “It is engaging, interesting, emotional”
  • “It’s heartwarming, real and Kiwi!”


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