Marketo US visitor comes to town

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Sanjay Dholakia, the San Francisco-based CMO of marketing software company Marketo, arrived in Auckland today to catch up with the recently established NZ operation, and lend his weight to the local release of a Marketo-Harvard Business Review study. While in town, he took part in a photo session on Tamaki Drive and answered a few questions … 

Q+A with Marketo NZ’s Rob Cooke

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Silicon Valley-based marketing software provider Marketo Inc established an office in New Zealand last month, and appointed Robert Cooke as manager. Cooke was formerly head of marketing at the Bank of New Zealand. He has also headed the digital team at the Yellow Pages Group and was the NZ general manager for digital agency Gruden.

Sun setting over the ad industry? M+AD talks to Xero’s Andy Lark

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This week marks the start of Xerocon, Xero’s annual accounting conference, held at the Viaduct Event Centre in Auckland. The conference showcases the latest in product innovation, Xero’s product roadmap for the year ahead, current thinking and provides a strategic update from a local and global perspective. Ahead of Xerocon, M+AD seized an opportunity for a quick Q+A with Xero CMO Andy Lark. Advertising was our focus.

Takin’ it to the streets

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Phantom Billstickers – those fleet-footed rock’n’roll poster pasters and poetry lovers who’ve been in the business so long that Lorde’s mother was one of their feature poets back in the’90s – has morphed into a large and significant member of the NZ ad business.

Flora for the concrete jungle

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Phantom Billstickers began life as pure rock’n’roll. These guys recall the days when hiding from cops, and pasting rock band handbills directly over existing poster ads, was par for the course. Nowadays, things could not be more different. Phantom has become a significant media brand. The band posters are still there – but Phantom clients today include corporates and ad agencies.