Radio NZ – the non-commercial numbers

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The combined audience for Radio New Zealand’s two non-commercial networks is just 604,400 listeners per week – a share of 12.8%, according to the latest Gfk survey, released yesterday.

The survey was conducted over 24 weeks and sampled 9608 people aged 10+. Department of Statistics estimated population data at 30 June 2015 indicates approximately 4,010,000 people aged 10+ years live in New Zealand.

Gfk’s commercial radio survey was released last week here. That survey shows 3,394,300 or 84.7% of them listen to a radio station each week. Over 2,718,700 people aged 10+ listen to Breakfast radio (6am to 9am Monday to Friday) in an average week.

The latest Gfk release shows Network RNZ National reaches 535,200 different people each week, a 13.3% reach of all people 10+ across New Zealand. This is a share of 10.5% of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Network RNZ Concert has a total audience weekly reach of 153,100 or 3.8% of all people in New Zealand aged 10+. This is a share of 2.3% of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show Network RNZ National reaches 379,800 or 9.5% different people aged 10+ across New Zealand. This is a market share of 12.9% of the total radio listening audience at that time of day.

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