Sandspit still setting records (updated)

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Two new arrivals in our latest TVC Top 10 (supplied exclusively to M+AD by Colmar Brunton): 99’s New World Xmas clip, and Air NZ’s Summer Wonderland (shot in Australia!).

The real focus this month should be on DraftFCB & Exposure’s record-breaking Mitre 10 Sandpit kids – the ad was shot by director Kevin Denholm in 2008!

This year, it’s back in our list at #8. All the other ads in our Top 10 have featured previously in M+AD.

Top 10 Ads in December 2016

1. Lotto Mum’s Wish, DDB, The Sweet Shop (Steve Ayson)


2. New World A Little Christmas Magic99, Flying Fish


3. Pak’nSave: Stickman, FCB, Waxeye


4. Vodafone: Piggy Sue, FCB, Revolver


5. Air New Zealand Summer Wonderland, Host Sydney, Jungle Sydney (Craig Melville)


6. Tower Insurance Confidence, Barnes Catmur & Friends, Finch (Alyssa McClelland)


7. ASB Clever Kash, Saatchi & Saatchi, Assembly (Damon Duncan)


8. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (dir Kevin Denholm)


9. Steinlager Tokyo Dry, DDB, Goodoil (Joel Kefali)


10. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux




  • “It’s a lovely little story to watch, “It pulls at heart strings.” doesn’t have any annoying music and It would probably connect with a lot of people, as it has done with me.”
  • “Is a good feel advert that makes you dream of good happy things.” “It’s a lovely little story to watch, “It pulls at heart strings.”
  • “It’s my favourite Ad because it makes you happy and sad as well.”
  • “Gives the warm fuzzies and a bit of a chuckle.”
  • “I love the emotions shown and the connection between memory and the present. Family having fun and remembering good times.”
  • “It pulls at heart strings.”

New World

  • “It is so very original.”
  • “It makes it all the more special because the Santa looks real with the icicles on his beard.”
  • “It makes me smile.”
  • “It’s seasonal, festive and feel good.”
  • “It’s cute.”
  • “On trend and enjoyable.”


  • “I find it very amusing and I learn from this advert that we invented the number 8 wire.”
  • “They always grab your attention due to the clever cartoon aspect and humour.”
  • “Very simple but very clever.”
  • “They are straight to the point, with some humour.”
  • “They are amusing and get across that they can save you money on your groceries.”

The TV Top 10 is produced by Colmar Brunton ( exclusively for M+AD. Anybody may reproduce all or parts of it without authorisation – but we do ask for a M+AD/Colmar Brunton credit.

Colmar Brunton completed 1000 interviews online from Wednesday 7 December to Wednesday 14 December for this report. Respondents were incentivised with Fly Buys points. The interviewees were all aged 18+ and the margin of error is +/- 2.6%.

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