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The NZTA stormed the Top10 in January, with a remarkable three-telecampaigns catching the eye of the drivers of NZ. The newest of the trio – Thank You For Your Speed – demos effectively the NZTA’s new, positively slanted, switch in campaign direction.

And viewers till love the NZTA Local Legends spot  (better known perhaps as My Balls are in Your Hands) which ran on our chart for most of last year (#7 this month).

“People like the strong messaging in the ad and that it is different to others that they have seen,” commented Colmar Brunton group account director Annikki Delacey.

Also making a strong run this month is the edited version of Shine’s Hyundai Getting Lost, which enjoys the distinction of being a former Fair Go Worst Ad of the Year 12 months back.

Nine years for Sandspit
Finally, we cannot let this occasion pass without yet another acknowledgement of the Mitre 10 Sandspit phenomenon. This ad dates back to – wait for it – 2008!

Top 10 Ads in January  2017

1. Pak’nSave Stickman, FCB, Waxeye


2. NZTA Thank You for Your Speed, Clemenger BBDO/Proximity/OMD, The Sweet Shop


3. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys, Clemenger BBDO, The Sweet Shop


4. Vodafone Piggy Sue, FCB, Revolver


5. NZTA Hello, Clemenger BBDO/Proximity/OMD


6. Specsavers Postman Pat, MediaCom (shot offshore – producer not known)


7. NZTA Balls, Clemenger BBDO/Finch (Patrick Hughes)


8. Hyundai Tucson, Getting Lost, Shine


9. Mitre 10 Sandpit, DraftFCB, Exposure (dir Kevin Denholm)


10. Toyota The Real Road Experts, Saatchi & Saatchi, Flux



1. Pak’NSave Stickman

  • “I like all of them as they are very funny with the stickman.”
  • “They are funny and to the point.”
  • “They are fun and enjoyable.”
  • “Because of the humour & simplicity, even though we don’t shop there.”
  • “Very simple and easy to listen to.”
  • “I enjoy Stickman’s sense of humour.”

2. NZTA Thank You for Your Speed

  • “The more one watches it the more depth there is in it.”
  • “It really makes you see what speeding can do from both sides.”
  • “Gives a good message and really has feeling.”
  • “It is very engaging. It certain caught my attention.”
  • “It’s really memorable and different.”
  • “Really hits the spot.”

3. KiwiRail Scenic Journeys

  • “Like the scenery. Like the music. Like the pics that show the skilful engineering done in the past.”
  • “Stunning scenery, and the music suits the images so well. I just love it.”
  • “Very catchy music.”
  • “I like it because it shows what a beautiful country it is to explore.”
  • “I do so enjoy the tenors singing and also the scenery; makes me want to take the journey.”
  • “Lovely scenery and music.”

How this chart was devised
The TV Top 10 is produced by Colmar Brunton ( exclusively for M+AD. Anybody may reproduce all or parts of it without authorisation – but we do ask for a M+AD/Colmar Brunton credit.

Colmar Brunton completed 1000 interviews online from Wednesday 18 January to Wednesday 25 January for this report. Respondents were incentivised with Fly Buys points. The interviewees were all aged 18+ and the margin of error is +/- 2.6%.

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