VMO Work snares half a million NZ professionals

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Leading NZ workplace media & content network VMO Work has broken the NZ half-million professional-worker audience milestone, according to the latest data.

The VMO Work audience is dominated by traditionally hard-to-reach white-collar, high income workplace professionals.

The new weekly cumulative audience figures were measured Val Morgan’s real-time measurement tool, DART.

VMO Work general manager Gordon Frykberg said: “Underpinning the network’s rapid growth is a commitment to delivering fresh content tailored to the interests of the audience. Weather, sport, news headlines and finance updates are a staple of the networks line up.

“Display time remains at 10 seconds, but there’s now an option for advertisers to dominate with full-screen moving imagery.”

“As digital technology evolves, so too does VMO Work’s new content layout using the latest technology and a fresh new look to ensure clients’ needs are met faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Display time remains at 10 seconds, however there is now an option for advertisers to dominate with the full-screen moving imagery, as well as the option or even of sponsoring a content segment such as news or weather, Frykberg says.

“Not only do these changes improve the overall look of the screens but are set to improve engagement with the content on the displays.”

The network is predominantly Auckland based, but is currently expanding to other CBD locations across the country (primarily Christchurch and Wellington).

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