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Few surprises in the latest audits and readership figures, with print continuing its glacial slide. And, as usual, there are more than a few happy customers (like Good, Next, Metro, Dish, Mindfood, Rugby World, OHBaby! Habitat, Healthy Food Guide, Waikato Times and the Greymouth Star – to name just a few).

Our charts (below) are based on simple falls and gains – and without going into detail (for that you must read the data) this produces a brutal result. One percentage point down – and you’re toast. As we say, to get the full picture, readers need to turn to the raw data (scroll down).

We used the latest three-month survey period, and compared the figures to the corresponding figures from 2013.

All metro weekly and daily newspapers fell, ditto all the Sundays – but in every case, the falls were generally minute.



Weekly Magazines Up: None
Weekly Magazines Down: Lucky Break, New Idea, NW, Listener, NZ Woman’s Weekly, That’s Life, TV Guide, Woman’s Day.

Monthly Magazines Up: Farm Trader, Good Health Choices, Mindfood, NZ Lifestyle Block, Wild Tomato.
Monthly Magazines Down: Australian Women’s Weekly, Avenues, Boatint NZ, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Creme, Deals On Wheels, Girlfriend, Healthy Food Guide, Kia Ora, M2, Metro, Motorcycle Trader, Motorhomes Caravans & Destinations, Next, North & South, NZ Autocar, NZ Fishing News, NZ Gardener, NZ House & Garden, NZ Performance Car, NZ Trucking, Readers Digest, Recipes+, Sky Sport Magazine, Skywatch, Taste, Trade-A-Boat, Your Home & Garden.

Bimonthly Magazines Up: Dish, Good, Home NZ, NZ Rugby World.
Bimonthly Magazines Down: Cuisine, Fish & Game NZ, Food, Hoimestyle, Little Treasures, NZ Fishing World, NZ Geographic, NZ Life & Leisure, Urbis.

Quarterly Magazines Up: Hunting & Fishing NZ, NZ Weddings, OhBaby!.
Quarterly Magazines Down: AA Directions, Bride & Groom, Family Care, NZ Fashion Quarterly, Parenting, The Word for Today, The Word for You Today.

Six-monthly Magazines Up: Habitat.
Six-monthly Magazines Down: Simply You, Simply You Living.



Daily Metro Newspapers Up: Waikato Times
Daily Metro Newspapers Down: NZ Herald, Dominion Post, The Press, ODT.

Weekly Press Up: None
Weekly Press Down: Sunday News, Sunday Star-Times, Herald on Sunday, NBR.



Weekly Magazines Up: NZ Farmers Weekly
Weekly Magazines Down: Lucky Break, New Idea, NZ Farmer, Listener, NZ Woman’s Day, NZ Woman’s Weekly, That’s Life, TV Guide.

Fortnightly Magazines Up: Dairy News.
Fortnightly Magazines Down: Rural News, NZ Retail, Your Home & Garden, NZ Logger.

Monthly Magazines Up: Country-Wide, Good Health, Healthy Food Guide, Metro, Motor Equipment News, Next, NZ4WD, NZ Classic Car, NZ House & Garden, NZ Lifestyle Block, AA Directions.
Monthly Magazines Down: AgTrader, Australian Women’s Weekly, Boating NZ, Cleo, Creme, Demm, Girlfriend, M2, Mindfood, NZ Gardener, NZ Performance Car, NZ Truck & Driver, NZ Trucking, North & South, NZ Autocar, NZBusiness, NZ Dairy Exporter, Fishing News, Hose & Pony, NZV8, Recipes+, Skywatch, Taste, Dairyman.

Bimonthly Magazines Up: Build, Dish, Good, Homestyle M2woman, Meeting Newz, NZ Fishing World, NZ Geographic, NZ Rugby World, Young Country.

Bimonthly Magazines Down: Cuisine, D-Photo, Exporter, Food, Green Ideas, Home NZ, Idealog, Little Treasures, NZ Cmpnay Vehicle, NZ Cargo, Life & Leisure, NZ Marketing Magazine, The Cut, The Shed.

Quarterly Magazines Up: Allergy Today, OHBaby!
Quarterly Magazines Down: Bride & Groom, Fashion Quarterly, Fish & Game, Heritage NZ, NZ Weddings.

Half Yearly Magazines Up: Habitat
Half Yearly Magazines Down: Simply You, Simply You Living.



Daily Newspaper Up: Greymouth Star, Oamaru Mail, Wairarapa Times Age.
Daily Newspaper Down: Dominion Post, NZ Herald, ODT, The Press, Southland Times, Waikato Times, Ashburton Guardian, BoP Times, Rotorua Daily Post, Gisborne Herald, Hawkes Bay Today, Manawatu Standard, Nelson Mail, Northern Advocate, Wanganui Chronicle.

Weekly Press Up: None.
Weekly Press Down: Herald on Sunday, NBR, Sunday News, Sunday Star-times.

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