The Missing Link

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AUCKLAND, Today: The Public Relations Institute has now supplied the full winners list from Friday’s PRINZ Awards – missing from the M+AD report because of an email mixup.

Scroll down for the link to the full list.

PRINZ ceo Elaine Koller sent us two emails on Friday, but just one arrived – the release announcing the appointment of a new Life member and two new Fellows, which we ran prominently on Friday (Arrow Gets Life).

“Happily, the info was on the PRINZ site the whole time – you just had to know where to look.”

“It’s a bit concerning that the New Fellows release arrived but the Awards one didn’t as we sent both at the same time on Thursday evening,” Koller said.

Happily, the full release was on the PRINZ site the whole time – but nothing on the home page. You just had to know where to look.

The main agency winners were Wright Communications (PR Consultancy of the Year) and Mango (Special Mention.

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