O&M’s Opo packed a punch

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Ogilvy & Mather have again taken out the Newspaper Ad of the Month with their WWF Maui’s Dolphin ad. The judges all agreed it was a “good idea that packed a punch, with art direction that won’t get lost”.

Arrivals & Departures

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Waitemata taps Scarfies man: Freemans Bay-based Waitemata Films has signed Rob Sarkies to its roster, and announced that the star director is now available for work.

.99’s Effie ads target blog ‘trolls’

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.99’s creative campaign for the 2014 Effie Awards seeks to tackle anonymous “trolls” who post disparaging blogs “that undermine others’ work”. The .99 campaign adopts the view that winning an Effie is the best way to ‘Silence Anonymous’.